How to Grow Ice Cream Cake?

Stephen Andrews
20 Feb 2023

The Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid currently very popular on the market. It was one of the best-selling strains of last year, 2022. In this article, we take a look at some of the growing tips and techniques to apply if you decide to cultivate this sweet-tasting cultivar at home.

Genetics: Ice Cream Cake cannabis is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that originates from California from the breeder Seed Junk Genetics. It's widely agreed that the parent strains of ICC are two very popular choices on both sides of the Atlantic, those are Wedding Cake and Gelato#33. The Ice Cream Cake strain has inherited some pretty powerful traits from its parents, including the high THC levels that can climb up to 25% as well as the rich flavorful profile among other things. 

Taste and flavor: Sweet and creamy with a note of vanilla, citrus or a gassy kick. But there can be many more herbal or fruity undertones. 

Terpenes: The dominant terpene is Limonene, found in the peels of citrus fruits and many other cannabis cultivars. If you sense a citrus-like aftertaste when smoking buds of Ice Cream Cake, it's most probably because of this terpene. Another sweet and citrusy terpene found in ICC is Valencene, while any herby or earthy tads may owe to the presence of Myrcene, Camphene or Phellandrene

Effects: Smoking Ice Cream Cake weed gives a cerebral rush and euphoric energy. It generates a feeling of happiness and deep relaxation as all muscle tension loosens up. There are also minimal amounts of CBD and CBG in this cultivar, which adds to a sleepy, sedative effect hours after smoking. 

Medical uses: Can help with chronic pains, insomnia, restlessness at night, anxiety, stress, etc. The high THC potency combined with the other minor cannabinoids helps to fall asleep easier, and the sedative-like effect lasts for hours. 

Side effects: If you are a novice or have little tolerance to THC, take smaller doses of Ice Cream Cake because this is one of the stronger marijuana strains. Some users may experience typical side effects like dry mouth or dry eyes, which are easily manageable with drinking water and using eye drops. 

Growing Difficulty: It takes advanced skills to grow Ice Cream Cake flowers successfully. Plants tend to grow big and need large areas to spread their roots and branches. They also need a constantly warm environment with minimum levels of humidity. Caution for mold, mildew, fungus, mites, and other pests. So, this is a high maintenance flower. 

how to grow ice cream cake cannabis strain

Growing Ice Cream Cake Cannabis

Ice Cream Cake likes hot and warm climates. Like other indicas, it grows into beautiful thick bushes. The flowering period is between 8-9 weeks. One of the challenges is to produce larger yields; this is where growers need skills, patients, experience, and sound equipment to get good results. 

When the setting is right, the plant will grow fast. First of all, you need space as Ice Cream Cake demands to take more space, both in terms of width and height. You will also need larger pots to accommodate the prominent roots that this cultivar develops.

The next two most important things to consider are warm temperature and lower humidity levels. Regulating humidity is essential because Ice Cream Cake flowers are vulnerable to mold and mildew. The same attention warning goes for overwatering. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

The Ice Cream Cake cultivar can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Perhaps the better option is to use a larger grow tent inside where you can control all environmental factors and where you can constantly monitor the crops for any infestations. 

If you are growing the crops indoors with limited height space, consider using a trellis system to help the plant stretch out. It will also promote the growth of the buds. Implementing the monster cropping training method will boost the yields in this case. But don't attempt this if you lack knowledge in advanced training techniques. In short, monster crop is taking flowering clones and reverting them back to vegetative stage to get more dense and bushy plants.

In a hydroponic setting, there is the risk of losing all the terpenes or the very compounds that make this strain so unique. To avoid this, and with that the risk of harsh taste and flavor, run a pure flush with R/O (reverse osmosis) water in the later flowering stage. 

If you are growing just one plant, consider choosing a spot near a window so that the plant can get fresh air and sunlight during the day. Still, turn on the grow light and the ventilation when the night falls. 

Outdoors, Ice Cream Cake plants can grow much more because of the exposure to sunlight. They still need adequately prepared soil that is rich in nutrients. And they still need good airflow around the stalks to avoid moisture and other problems. The lack of control to all environment and weather aspects can sometimes be a downside when you grow outside. But if all goes well, the yield of your Cream Cake flowers should be bigger than when you grow inside. 

How to Produce More Yields?

Ice Cream Cake plants can take on completely different appearances depending on how long they remain in a vegetative stage. If you monster crop them, they will develop into hefty prominent plants during the flowering stage, and they will produce weighty and dense buds. As you do that, you certainly must implement the screen of green method to help the buds nearer to the bottom with an access to light and air. Installing a double layers trellis system in place will help maximize the yields as this way you can arrange all buds in a way that they have access to the needed life support. 

But many more factors are in play when it comes to good yields. It's also important what kind of lights you use (LEDs or even HID can get decent yield results indoors), whether there's a strong airflow all of the time, or whether your crops receive all the nutrients they need. 

How Should the End Product Look Like?

Regular Cream Cake buds grow with plenty of beautiful orange and silver pistols. This is a sign that you've produced an authentic Ice Cream Cake strain. Buds sold in dispensaries can also have deep purples hues, but this is merely a cultivation technique done by decreasing temperatures, which may overcomplicate your life as a grower if you try it yourself. Suppose you see fewer crystals on your buds and no colors with just green, then a warning that that might not be an authentic Ice Cream Cake cannabis. 

Happy growing!

Stephen Andrews