Gelato Cultivation Tips

Stephen Andrews
22 Oct 2021

Suitable for both recreational and medical users, Gelato is an excellent cannabis strain to have and grow in-house. The THC contents of this strain range from 18% to 25%, and it also has a trace amount of CBD. It's a balanced hybrid strain: 55% Indica and 45% Sativa. Despite the growing difficulty for Gelato is set at medium, it's suitable even for new inexperienced growers to try and cultivate.

It doesn't take too much toking to feel the solid cerebral high Gelato gives once it hits your bloodstream. The initial relaxing sensation is pretty cheerful, and the buzz then develops and is felt in the entire body. For the creatives among you, the Gelato marijuana strain is a great choice also when you need mental stimulation. 

Genetics: Gelato borrows its genetics from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Thin Mint GSC is itself a hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush, noted for its powerful full-body stone. Sunset Sherbet is also noted for its potent high and is another hybrid, indica-dominant one, from crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. This entire combination gives Gelato cannabis strains a pretty interesting genetic profile.

Smell and flavor: Anticipate an earthly sweet aroma that resembles both berries and citrus. This olfactory sensation is amplified with a similar sweet woody taste that comes with a hint of lavender. The sweet fragrance and flavor of Gelato justify the name of this strain.

Terpenes: D-Limonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool are the dominant terpenes found in Gelato strains. The fruity flavors of the strain are thanks to D-Limonene, which also gives its earthy nuances. This is the terpene present in all citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange. Myrcene helps all terpenes to bind together and create a unique aroma. 

Effects: General good feeling which allows users to release stress and tension in the body. It's a happy and euphoric type of strain. It's also uplifting and juggling the brain for creative activities. Since it is quick and hard-hitting, Gelato can initially cause a bit of dizziness. But this resolves soon. As adverse reactions, people have in some instances reported mild headaches, and on a few rare occasions, a slight sensation of anxiety.

Medical use: Gelato is your go-to medicine for stress relief and a good night's sleep. It also helps with pain relief and depression. Some users have it also for nausea. 

Lifestyle: Gelato is the perfect spliff to share in a circle of friends or just toke a little bit of it at home for a relaxing evening and sound sleep.

Difficulty Growing: Gelato marijuana strains are not the easiest to grow, however, it's still a suitable option for growing among confident beginners who like to try this cultivar. Due to its diversified genes, Gelato is fairly resistant to pests, so this is one issue growers don't have to worry about. There's sufficient space between the branches as the plant forms, so trimming is also rarely needed. On the other hand, Gelato plants are sensitive to temperature and humidity, which is where growers must pay attention. Another issue can be odor management, especially as the plants enter the late flowering stage. 

How to grow Gelato cannabis strain?

Lucky for those who grow Gelato, it's one hell of a generous cultivar that generates big buds rich in THC. It takes between 55 and 65 days for Gelato crops to flower indoors, or between the end of September to mid-October for outdoors. However, if you are not living in hot, humid Mediterranean-like climates, your best go with Gelato is to set up a grow tent at home. 

In the US, one of the challenges is finding seeds or clones of Gelato. Not every marijuana dispensary around the state will have it, although the more prominent shops should have it in their stocks. If you know someone who has access to Gelato marijuana and they're willing to share seeds with you, that's also an alternative. 

Once you have the Gelato seedling, it's recommended to use a large container, so you don't need to transplant the plant later. This cultivar does not want too many changes in its environment, including transplanting it, which can cause stress to the plant. 

Thanks to its indica genes, Gelato plants only grow short to medium height, and this is an advantage if your grow room is set up indoors or when you don't have ample space at home. 

Gelato cannabis strains thrive in warm and humid environments, therefore growers need to replicate such conditions at home. It's advised that the grow room stays warm, dry, and with sufficient hours of light at all times. Growers should carefully observe how the plants mature. 

Using a growing tent is a big "yes" for Gelato crops indoors. A tent will optimize the amount of light and warmth the plant receives, and it's also easier for the grower to monitor the plants. The temperatures should be around 75°F. Use dried seaweed to supplement the crops with healthy nutrients along with sufficient water. Check these tips on how to optimize water dispensing for cannabis plants.

Experienced growers can try to stimulate purple pigmentation in indica-dominant marijuana plants like Gelato. This is done as soon as the large buds typical for the strain begin to appear. What you can do is drop the temperatures down for up to 15°F lower than your daily temperatures to stimulate the coloring. One caution is not to do this too early as it may affect the yields.

During harvest, Gelato strain should yield an average of 17 ounces per 3 sq ft. It may be a bit demanding for Gelato to monitor and grow successfully, but all hard work will pay off the minute you have the medicinal material ready for drying and curing

Happy growing!

Stephen Andrews