‘Green Wednesday’ Breaks Sales Record

Stephen Andrews
05 Dec 2023

Green Wednesday is the cannabis counterpart of Black Friday. It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which this year fell on Nov. 22. Cannabis users can enjoy special discounts on this day. Last month, Green Wednesday made a new record after dispensaries across the nation sold recreational weed worth $9 million.

Green Wednesday is a day when cannabis vendors all around the country offer special promotions before most of them close shops until Monday. For everyone who wants to keep stocks for the weekend, they can use these discounts, plus you save quite a lot from the sweet deals. 

In recent times, Green Wednesday is usually the second most busy day of the year. A serious competition to the highest of the high holidays, Four Twenty. 

In 2022, the holiday generated an estimated $7.7 million in recreational weed sales. This year’s Green Wednesday recreational retail passed $9 million, which is a new record. The number represents an 18.12% increase from last year. 

Everybody Loves a Good Bargain for Green Wednesday

Indeed, who would say no to a good deal? More pot for less money, everyone will appreciate that. Unsurprisingly, cannabis flower was the most popular choice of product in the last Green Wednesday sales, clocking more than $3.3 million. This number was followed by vape products, a category where some $2.5 million were registered in sales. The retail of edibles stood third at $1,2 million, pre-rolls fourth with slightly less than a million, and extracts fifth with somewhere less than $500,000. 

Jane Technologies, the company that compiled the data, sent an optimistic message for the sector in a press release statement. 

“As we approach 2024, the US cannabis industry finds itself at an exciting time,” the statement said. “With the government’s recent actions on issues like SAFER and rescheduling, the end of cannabis prohibition has never felt closer to becoming a reality.” 

However, the numbers indicate that not all trends were on the up on Wednesday, Nov. 22. Medical cannabis retail on the day reportedly plunged for 11.1% compared to 2022 sales. Still, medical cannabis again brought $9 million. Any decline in medical sales might be explained with potential consumers who may have opted out from using a medical card and shopped as recreational users this year. 

The Beginnings of Green Wednesday 

The beginnings of Green Wednesday are relatively new and are connected with the expansion of legal cannabis. The first time that vendors noticed a significant increase in sales on this day was in 2017. Since then, the special day is gaining more traction each year. 

What explains the success of Green Wednesday is that many retailers choose to close on Thanksgiving and open the next Monday. This leaves a larger number of people who want to make sure they have enough of the plant medicine over the prolonged weekend, therefore the impulse to purchase weed both for therapeutic and recreational purposes. When vendors began to introduce special discounts for the occasion, nothing could stop Green Wednesday from entering cannabis culture. 

The best way to celebrate Green Wednesday is of course to support local retailers and make purchases. Then, the next logical thing is to try those discounted goodies on Danksgiving with friends. 

Making an Impact on Cannabis Culture

Green Wednesday and Danksgiving have intertwined very much over the last few years. Danksgiving used to be all about getting high on Thanksgiving, but now it’s more about gathering on the Sunday after that, or at any other point in the long weekend when everyone in the close circle is available to enjoy some nice infused foods together. The big idea behind Danksgiving is going high smoke-free, although that’s still a matter of preference in the end. 

Holidays can often also be a stressful time, especially if it means taking a trip to see family while managing a tight schedule. Therefore, any occasion where you can enjoy weed and a warm meal with friends or relatives is certainly a great way to compensate for that stress. 

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