5 Tasty Dishes to Make with Cannabis

Stephen Andrews
10 Nov 2023

Everyone wants to try infused foods these days. Making any infused dish requires cannabis oil or cannabis butter. You can either prepare the oil/butter yourself, or purchase it from a cannabis shop. Once you have the main ingredient the possibilities are countless and you can prepare many tasty cannabis dishes. If you lack inspiration, we got you covered.

If you are the DIY kind of person, you can prepare oil/butter on your own. What you need to do first is decarb the weed and unlock its THC. This means baking the buds into an oven until they turn brownish. Once decarbing is complete, the weed is added into the oil or butter and then you simmer (not boil!) for around 3 hours. It’s important that the temperature does not reach above 180°F. Otherwise, you may easily destroy the THC

Oils and butters are the go-to for cooking classic baked edibles such as brownies and cookies. But as long as any recipe has oil or butter in it, you can substitute with your own medicinal preparation. 

Will the Meal Be Tasty If You Infuse It with Cannabis? 

Sometimes the danger with infusing cannabis into different foods is that it doesn’t taste as great. The weed may not bind so well with other ingredients and it may affect the taste and flavor of the dish. 

The taste and flavor of cannabis would depend on the strain, and this too will have a role when you make your own infused foods. Most weed flavors fit into three general categories: earthy and herbal, fruity and floral, and woody and nutty. So, it’s good to consider what kind of strain to use depending on whether you are cooking a savory or sweet dish. 

There are many ways to go ahead with cooking and making pleasant and tummy-warming dishes that also make you high. The five ideas for cannabis-infused treats below work well to mask the taste of cannabis and it’s something you can indulge this fall/winter. 

#1 Infused Pasta Marinara

Medicinal pasta sauces can be a great introduction into the world of cannabis cooking. One of the simplest and tastiest sauces you can start experimenting with is marinara. 

You need 2 tablespoons of cannabis oil that you heat in a large saucepan. As you normally prepare the marinara sauce, first add the onion and garlic, then the wine, and cook on medium heat. Near the end you add tomatoes, salt, pepper and parsley. After everything is in, just simmer on low for 15 minutes.  

#2 Cannabis Infused Chicken Wings 

Fried chicken wings is a great savory option for concealing cannabis taste and enjoying a staple dish. The secret here is to coat the chicken in infused sauce. And the sauce can really be anything of your chocie. You can do it with a herb and garlic sauce, lemon pepper or honey hot wing sauce. It’s enough to use one tablespoon of butter. For a stronger punch, you can even go with two (for the honey sauce it’s recommended). 

Start preparing the sauce in a large saucepan at a medium heat. Add your cannabutter and stir until melted, then add the remaining ingredients for the sauce you are making. When the sauce is ready, toss baked chicken wings into the pan, and roll them in until every bit of the sauce is absorbed in the meat. 

#3 Cannabis Infused Stuffed Peppers

Vanessa Lavorato is one of the best cannabis chefs out there. She’s an expert for savory infused dishes. One of her tastiest recipes is vegan stuffed peppers where she uses mushrooms, nutty farro and cheese. 

The secret of this dish is to sizzle baby bellas in canna oil, then mix them with nutty farro and pack them into sweet peppers. In the last step, the peppers are topped with a lot of cheese. Prep time is around 20 minutes. The cooking time is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Ideally you want to go for six servings each with 2 ½ milligrams THC per serving.

#4 Chicken Soup with Infused Damplings

What’s better than a large bowl of hot chicken soup that warms every cell of your body during cold winter days? The only acceptable answer here is hot chicken soup with canna-infused dumplings. You can use any of your recipes for chicken soup. What you need to prepare as an extra is the damplings. 

While preparing the damplings, add baking powder, flour, black pepper and salt in a large bowl. Stir in milk, egg, dill, parsley and cannabutter. Then just mix until it all holds together. Divide the mixture into 8-10 portions and cook with the soup for around 20 minutes. Cover the cooking pot in the first ten minutes, then uncover for the rest of the cooking time.  

#5 Infused Gummies 

For everything to be complete you also need something sweet. If you’ve tried brownies and cookies, you should try gummies next. There are pretty decent gummies that you can purchase in any cannabis dispensary, but they are also fairly easy to make it yourself at home. 

There are two ways to go with gummies. One is to use weed tincture because its base is alcohol and it’s easier to bind with jello. This can be a lengthy process if you make the tincture yourself; the tincture may need up to three months to be ready. 

The second option is to use cannabis butter or oil. But in order for everything to bind together, you also need soy lecithin. That is the key ingredient that will help mix the weed with a pack of jello. For one pack of jello you need ½ tablespoon of soy lecithin, ¼ cup cannabutter (or oil), ½ cup water and 1 oz gelatin. 

Don’t be afraid to try and experiment with cannabis cooking. And don’t be disappointed if you fail in your first tries. The other important thing not to forget is: take it easy with edibles. Whichever tasty infused dish you munch, it may take hours for the cannabis to work its way in the body and deliver the high. 

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