How to Prepare Quick Cannabis Glycerite?

Stephen Andrews
03 Jun 2022

People have been preparing tinctures for centuries now. Tinctures are made of different medicinal plants. An example is arnica tincture, which is used to treat rosacea, or echinacea tincture, used for cold symptoms and upper respiratory infections. Tinctures are simply plant material soaked in alcohol, and it's fairly easy to make one with cannabis, too. But if you don't like to use alcohol as the basis of your cannabis tincture, you can opt for something sweeter, like glycerine.

One of the optimal ways to ingest cannabis in the body is through tinctures. They are healthy, discreet, and easy to microdose. It takes just a few drops to rest in the mouth or under the tongue for a couple of minutes to release the magic of tinctures. 

Below is a fast recipe of a glycerin-based cannabis tincture, which has been provided by chef Ashley Boudreaux, a long-time High Times contributor.

The recipe is taken from "The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook."


  • ¼ ounce high-quality ganja shake
  • ½ cup plus 1 tablespoon USP food-grade glycerin
  • 6 tablespoons water

Note: Food-grade glycerin is available from several different distributors such as the Essential Oil Company and Starwest Botanicals. It can also be ordered online. 


  • Latex gloves
  • Unbleached cheesecloth or, alternatively, coffee filter
  • Large glass jar with a tight lid


Step 1

Prepare the shake. These are the small pieces of pot that fall off from larger buds. Or what falls off in your jar or bag after handling buds over time. This material is excellent to reuse for a shake and simple solutions such as tinctures, however, you can always go with trim, too.

Step 2 

Combine the weed with the glycerine and water solution into a crock pot and start simmering at a very low temperature (about 180°F). Simmer for 2½ hours, remove from heat, then wait just a little bit until it's safe to handle. 

Step 3

Strain and squeeze the ganja glycerite through the cheesecloth and into the glass jar. Wear gloves as you do this. After finishing this step, seal and store the solution in a cool dark place for a couple of months. 

Some cooking tips for glycerin-based tincture suggest that you must heat the mixture for maximum potency and then steep your herb in glycerin. However, chef Boudreaux says it's better to follow the above instructions. 

You can keep the tincture stored for no more than 6 months before using it. If you stick with the ingredients list above, the glass jar will make for an average of 10 servings, more or less depending on how much you use per dose.

Glycerine-based cannabis tincture is a superior and high sweetener. As such, you can add it to various drinks, including coffee, tea, and cocktails. Enjoy!

Stephen Andrews