Four Twenty: 10 Ideas for Stoner Gifts

Stephen Andrews
19 Apr 2023

It's that time of the year again. The holy jolly Christmas for stoners. If you are looking to purchase a little gift for your weed-loving friend but are still deciding what to get them, here's a list of ideas.

1. Full Smoking Set

A smoking set typically includes papers, a rolling tray, and an ashtray. An excellent pick for your stoner friend who needs an urgent upgrade on their smoking accessories. How do you know they need a set? The ashtray they use looks ugly and dirty, in use since the 1990s. Their coffee table is always littered with crumbs. 

2. Gift Voucher

Many cannabis-focused businesses have gift vouchers, so if you know a brand your friend has mentioned that they like, you can check out if they have available coupons. It can work out pretty well when you don't know what to purchase and need to make a last-minute decision. 

3. Hemp bag

One of the most durable, eco-friendly materials is hemp; today, it's a whole industry with all kinds of accessories and clothes. For your stoner friend who travels around a lot, you can get them hemp luggage, backpack, handbag, rucksack, tote bag; every model you can think of can be found made of hemp. 

4. Gummies

Not every weed user is fan of edibles, but in case you want to change someone's mind, get them gummies. Gummies are especially recommended for those friends whose lung health appears fragile and who need to take a little break from smoking. But most of all, because no one can stand their smoker's cough any longer. 

5. Cannabis cookbooks 

Cookbooks usually include instructions for simple treats like cannabis-infused coffee, tea, or cookies and recipes for more complicated appetizers and full meals. An excellent choice of gift for devoted bakers and anyone who wants to hone their skills in the kitchen. 

6. Candles, Incense, Aromatic Oils

Many recreational users look for strains that are rich in terpenes, also so they can enjoy the aromatic experience these strains provide. If you have a stoner friend who is all into scent-rich weed, they probably won't say no to candles, incense sticks, or aromatic oils. 

7. Smart Grinder

Why ever a person bothers to grate their chunks of weed by hand when you can use an electric smart herb grinder? Great for everyone who rolls joints slowly, a smart grinder will at least speed up the grinding part of the process. In other words, this gift reduces the waiting time for the preparation of the joint, especially when you are on the receiving end of that joint. 

8. Weed

You will never go wrong with this one. Flower or pre-rolls, it doesn't matter so much. The gift of weed is suitable for everyone who smokes daily and who enjoys trying out new strains with different undertones, effects and flavors. 

9. A Pack of Seeds

Neither can you go wrong with this one. A contribution to your grower friend's personal seed bank. Maybe they will wait to use it, but they will have it in store, and they can try it out in the coming months for the next grow season. 

10. A piece of grow equipment

Most appropriate for your bestie grower friend who needs to upgrade their grow room. A new ventilator perhaps? Ph reader, humidity regulator, or a pack of bat guano? It sounds a bit silly, right. Still, it's a graceful way to pay off your weed debt, especially if he or she is always the one who supplies your personal stash of weed. 

Happy 420!

Stephen Andrews