Erykah Badu Announces Self-Named Weed Strain

Stephen Andrews
01 Mar 2023

The latest weed strain collaboration to look forward to? Singer and songwriter Erykah Badu is teaming up with rapper and entrepreneur Berner for the release of "That Badu," a cannabis strain said to have a faint lemon smell, and that promises "a wonderful experience" while keeping you alert and productive. The legendary singer also says the strain is "really nice and natural" and compares it to "a ballad."

The collaboration for the "That Badu" weed strain was announced in a recent video in which the Queen of Neo Soul and the San-Francisco-based rapper affiliated with Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Entertainment, explain the flower they are about to launch is a Limoncello cross-bred and that it will be cultivated by Mad Cow Genetics. 

"It's really nice and natural, sort of like a ballad," Badu says in the video where her eldest daughter, Puma Curry, also makes a guest appearance. "It just makes you move light and it kind of gets you through your day and you're not zooted," the legendary singer said. 

Talking about the potency of "That Badu," the singer shares a story of how it went the first and the second time smoking. "The first time we demoed it, it was about four of us. And we had one spliff, no tobacco. And we each hit it two or three times and we were like comatose. But then, the next time we did the experiment, we each hit it one time and we had such a wonderful experience." 

"That Badu" is perfect for mothers and women who want to enjoy the relaxation of weed while remaining productive and alert, the singer adds. 

Besides a cannabis strain, Badu and Berner also announced a new mushroom tea box with two types of psilocybin tea (Ginger Magic, Early Grey Creme) and functional tea (Golden Focus, Bergamot Brain Boost). 

"These are really for your evenings or meditations or vision quests or evenings when you have an opportunity to commune with your mind," Badu said, adding that the teas are "very good for emotional balance" and "any kind of nervous system malfunction or dysfunction."

Both the weed strain and the teas will be available for purchase via Cookies' network of licensed dispensaries. 

Stephen Andrews