Did Bob Marley Have a Favorite Weed?

Stephen Andrews
06 Feb 2024

If the reggae legend Bob Marley was alive today, he would have turned 79 years of age. A poetic genius, and a tireless fighter for freedom, the late singer spent much of his life singing the songs of peace, love and happiness. Cannabis is one of the things that fed his musical genius. If you wonder what strains Bob Marley enjoyed the most, look no further than his home Jamaica.

It’s widely speculated that Bob Marley’s favorite weed was Lamb’s Breath. It’s a cannabis landrace strain with roots in Jamaica, the singer’s home island. 

Lamb’s Bread as its other name goes, is a powerful, uplifting sativa that can boost your creativity and make you pensive and introspective in a good way. It has a funny, grassy scent and it’s a strong odor. “When you smoke the it, it reveal you to yourself,” supposedly goes a quote from Bob Marley about Lamb’s Breath or Bread. 

The unique strain provides a rush of uplifting energy and a hard cerebral buzz that shakes the blues. Which is why people have also used it to rise above depression. 

What Other Jamaican Strains Are There?

Smoking Lamb’s Breath is definitely a way to go in honoring Bob Marley’s birthday. But there are few more special strains of weed that originate from the island where the reggae icon was born. 

Cannabis is an important part of Jamaican culture. There are many knowledgeable farmers that you can meet on the islands, such as in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or Negril, where they have some of the finest local buds. Smoking Jamaican sativa in a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere might be the perfect idea for your next canna holiday. 

Besides Lamb’s Breath, here’s what else you can find in Jamaica:


This is another landrace strain native to the Caribbean islands. There are several varieties of Jamaican and all of them tend to be sativa, primarily because of the local island climate that enables growth of taller plants. The Jamaican landrace varieties have been used in creating several other strains that today you can find in various countries around the world. A famous example is Jamaican Dream, a 90% sativa that has long been a staple in Amsterdam coffeeshop menus. 

King’s Breath

Just like there’s Lamb’s Breath, there’s King’s Breath (or King’s Bread as its other name goes). It’s another sativa strain, indigenous to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Smoking King’s Breath delivers an euphoric cerebral punch with a citrus-like taste, which just might be what you need to alleviate that stress and pain. It’s believed that King’s Breath is a parent strain for Lamb’s Breath, but sadly there’s a lack of information to trace down correctly many of the Jamaican unique cultivars.

Jamaican Yarders

This is a hybrid cannabis strain, but its parent strains are also not well documented. It’s only known that one of its parents is Jamaican landrace. It has a rich smell and flavor profile: fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. Effects include euphoria, creativity, and feeling calm. It’s a great medicinal strain that has also given other cool cultivars, including Jamaican Lion, which is mildly psychoactive and you can easily find in places like California. 

Jamaican Pearl 

Jamaican Pearl can be traced to an old-school sativa known as Early Pearl. It’s a plant that has been crossed with various Jamaican varieties to strengthen its genetics. The energetic effect of this weed will send off its Caribbean vibes no matter where you smoke it. Its sweet and spicy taste profile is evocative of the faraway sunny lands in the tropic. Isn’t it what everyone might use during the long cold winter days? 

Bob Marley’s legacy in Jamaica and around the world is continued by his son and entrepreneur, Rohan Marley, who has launched his own cannabis line and lifestyle brand, called Lion Order. 

If you take a trip to Jamaica and want to explore more about the King of Reggae, there are several must-visit spots, including his final resting place, the Bob Marley Mausoleum in St. Ann, and a dedicated museum honoring his name in the capital of Kingston.

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