Best Practices on How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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17 Aug 2020
When a new plant begins to grow from a seed, the process is called germination. It’s how every plant grows, including cannabis, hence you may wonder what the best way to germinate cannabis seeds is. Before you start with any germinating and growing efforts, you actually need to supply your cannabis seeds. Perhaps you have a friend who already has some seeds to share,  or you can purchase at the local dispensary or even online.  There are several things to have in mind if you are purchasing cannabis seeds. For instance, if you are making an online purchase, it may feel scary. You may be unclear whether what you do is legal or not, plus you must think of the quality of seeds.  Seeds classify as cannabis products just like edibles, tinctures, or flowers. The legality of seeds depends on the state and its laws. But hopefully, that won’t be an issue soon.  If you are coming from a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you can purchase, produce, and trade seeds within the state’s borders. Within the state, you can get seeds supplies at a dispensary or via websites of specific companies that breed and sell seeds. However, it’s still best to check what the law has to say before conducting any germinating and growing activities.  If you are coming from a state where only medical cannabis is legally clear, you can still buy seeds, although you may need a medical card (MMJ) for that.  Of course, some of the most exciting sources for cannabis seeds are seed banks based overseas, such as in the Netherlands or in the UK, where regulation is more relaxed. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to bring seeds into the US from abroad. All seeds captured by Customs, whether in a post package or if a person is trying to sneak them in, are seized. Another issue is that information on seed banks and breeders is sometimes hard to come by. Still, it pays to focus on breeders with a good reputation (see online reviews, if any) and have already been present around on the market for some time. Look for Exotic Genetix and Southern Humboldt Seed Collective in the U.S. or Sensi Seeds and Dinafem, which are Europe-based.  best way to germinate cannabis seeds

The Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

What seeds to pick as a novice grower?

Of course, what’s the point of germinating seeds if you don’t know what kind of seeds they are. Besides the breeder, you also want to research the strain you are going to grow.  It’s best to start with a strain that seems exciting and alluring for you to try. However, if you are not sure, start with something easy to grow, such as Northern Lights, a well-noted Indica with resinous buds, that is flowering fast, and is resilient during growth. It’s also easier to disguise the odor of Northern Lights plants. If you are not already familiar with this strain’s effects, you’ll appreciate it for its muscle relaxation qualities and the dreamy euphoria it induces.  Another option if you are not sure what to grow is Blue Dream, which is also easy to grow. This strain is appreciated for its ability to cheer you up when you are moody – it gives a joyous high and relaxes the entire body. 

How should the seeds look like? 

When you purchase cannabis seeds, you want them to look mature. Seeds that appear brownish dark with lighter accents and feel hard on the touch are all indications that the seed is mature, and it’s ready to be transformed into a seedling.  The seeds should not look green or lush. Those are the signs that it is not fully mature.  Once you acquire the seeds, ensure that you have enough time to grow them into beautiful flowers with colas that they deserve to thrive. It’s a lengthy process that requires attention on the daily level. Before you start germinating and growing, you should already have a designated space for your gardening conduct.  best way to germinate cannabis seeds

What’s the best way to germinate cannabis seeds?

Essentially, you need water, air, and warmth to start germinating your cannabis seeds. There are several ways how to germinate your seeds, however, the best way and also the easiest is to use paper towels that are drenched in water. So, you just grab a clean plate, some paper towels, and your precious seeds.  Here’s what you should do. First, take a piece of paper towel and soak it with water. Consider that you distill the water before that.  The paper towel should be wetted with just enough water. Don’t flood it. Place the first layer of paper towel on a clean plate and place the seeds on the wet paper. Let there be an inch space between each seed. Next, encroach the seeds with another layer of wet paper towel.  You want to keep your germinating seeds in a hidden and secured spot, so either place the plate with the seeds in a drawer or cover it with something. Keep your germinating seeds somewhere warm, where the room temperature is around 80 °F (about 25 °C).  Then, all you have to do is wait. Well, not like wait and do nothing, but it’s good to check on your improvised germinating apparatus and see if the paper towels are wet and if the seeds could use a bit more water to nurture and grow. Depending on the seeds you’ve acquired, it may take a couple of days to show some signs of life. You’ll know it has successfully germinated once there’s a tiny sprout emerging from the seed, i.e., the taproot has appeared. The taproot should grow into the primary stem of your cannabis plant.  It’s critical to keep the seed/taproot and the area around it clean. So, don’t put your dirty little fingers on it.  best way to germinate cannabis seeds

How to proceed once your cannabis seeds have germinated?

By the time you start germinating your seeds, you should have figured out how and where you are going to grow your plants. When the taproot appears, it’s a convenient time to place the germinated seed in the growing medium you’ve picked for the effort, and put them in the area of your garden or your house that you have designated for growing.  At first, it’s best to place the germinated seed into the smallest pots you have at hand, and as you navigate your way forward, you can change the size of the containers. Fill your pots with airy soil, and insert a small hole with the finger in the middle of it so you can gently transfer the taproot in there. Treat it as your baby.  When you relocate the seed, ensure that the taproot is directed down toward the hole. Use only a little soil to cover the hole when you complete this step. 

How to proceed further?

While you should water the pots where you’ve placed the germinated seeds, it’s best to utilize a spray bottle or a drip system to provide moisture to the growth. Don’t go over pouring water on the pot, as this will diminish your seed.  Keep the temperature warm enough during this early stage of the growth process and ensure that the soil is moist just right. A seedling should start emerging from the ground after a week or so, although depending on the seed’s genetics, be patient if some are slower to start. Good luck germinating and growing!
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