All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds

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07 May 2023

Everything starts from a seed and when it comes to Cannabis, the diversity and variation of seeds that exist is enormous. There has never been a time when Cannabis genetics have evolved so much, giving us regular and feminized plants, as well as CBD and autoflower. In this article, we explain all you need to know about Cannabis seeds and more!

The different types of Cannabis seeds

Before the year 2000, the only Cannabis seeds you could get your hands on were regular sexed. It was the creation of feminized seeds that paved the way for indoor growers, allowing them to grow in a much more practical format without any male plants. Below is a brief explanation of the different types of seeds available on the market today.

Regular sex seeds: This refers to Cannabis seeds that will grow either male or female plants. Generally, indoor growers will focus on female plants and growing as much flower as possible. Breeders or old school growers will choose to work with regular seeds, and these seeds will often be cheaper in comparison to the feminized version. 

Feminized seeds: These seeds will produce only female plants and eliminate the concern of removing male plants, as result reducing the final plant count and a loss in yield and space. Thanks to feminized Cannabis seeds, a home grower can fill their room and ensure the maximum yield possible, as well as having the option of growing multiple feminized strains at the same time.

CBD Cannabis seed: Thanks to the evolution of the medicinal applications that Cannabis can produce for medical patients, CBD rich Cannabis hybrids are available to buy in regular or feminized form. This will be CBD dominant and can express a ratio of 20:1, 10:1, 2:1 and 1.1 in terms of CBD to THC.

Autoflower Cannabis seeds: Autos are very resilient plants that unlike photoperiod plants which are dependent on 18/6 or 12/12 light cycle, autoflowering plants will flower after 3 weeks of growth. Highly popular in Spain, California and any parts of the world that experience hot weather and long seasons, thanks to their ease of growth and lack of maintenance. 

The Benefits of feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • There is no need to remove male plants once flowering starts.
  • Every pot or hydro system can be used without wasting any space.
  • Outdoors feminized seeds can save wasted nutrients, space and labor.
  • Autoflowering and CBD rich hybrids are available in feminized form.
  • Commercial scale growers can rely on female seeds to produce a large crop.
  • You can grow many different female strains at once in the same grow room. 

How do I germinate Cannabis seeds?

If you are a first time grower or have been germinating Cannabis seeds for decades, then you will typically resort to one of the 3 methods covered below. Germinating Cannabis seeds is simple, and everyone has their own method.


All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds
All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds
  1. The tissue method

This technique involves using 2 dinner plates or saucers, and placing a thick wet sheet of tissue paper inside, acting as a bed for the seeds. It is important that the tissue paper is not too water logged and there is plenty of air between the seeds and the tissue paper. The saucers are then placed into a cool and dark place such as a cupboard or draw, and within 72 hours, the seeds will begin to open revealing a white tap root. These seeds are now ready to transplant into the growing medium.

  1. A cup of water

Another way to germinate Cannabis seeds is to use a glass and fill it with an inch or two of water, and place the seeds inside. At first, the seeds will float on the water, however after a day and encouraged with a swirl of the glass, the seeds will drop to the bottom. It is a good idea to change the water to fresh water every 24 hours, and it won’t take long before you see the tap roots beginning to emerge from the seeds. Use different cups with labels when germinating many strains at once this way.

  1. Straight in the soil

The most practical way, and an old school way of germinating Cannabis seeds, is to simply plant the seedling pointy side down around 1-2 cm deep. Cover the hole and gently water, and after 3–5 days the seed will pop out of the soil. If you are using a coco jiffy, peat pellet or rockwool cube, then the same principle applies and as long as the soil does not become over-saturated then you will have no problems.

Mistakes to avoid when germinating Cannabis seeds

  • Over watering the growing medium can cause seeds to not germinate.
  • Do not allow the tap roots to become long and entangled on tissue paper.
  • Keep the seeds in a cup of water away from sunlight and in a dark environment.
  • Mixing up your seeds and not correctly labeling them, causing confusion.
  • Planting Cannabis seeds too deep down in the growing medium.

What are indica, sativa and hybrids?

If you are new to growing Cannabis, then you will most likely hear the term indica, sativa and hybrids when seed banks are describing the genetics of the strain. Indica represents one side of the genetic spectrum, producing small, squat, bushy and short flowering plants known for a short stretching phase. Indica plants are resilient plants that are popular thanks to the heavy body and hard hitting narcotic style effects.

Sativa on the other hand, expresses the other side of the spectrum, and will be long flowering plants, with a tall and thin growth structure, which when flowered, will stretch almost 2–3 times in size. These very demanding types of plants are known for their uplifting, heart thumping and sweat inducing effects, that can leave you on a cerebral roller coaster for hours.

Hybrids are the best of both worlds and will accommodate the majority of recreational smokers. Genetically engineered to produce the most desirable traits from the indica and sativa spectrum, allowing for hybrid vigor and a flowering time around 8–9 weeks. 


Before you go ahead and buy the latest hype strains, it is always a good idea to take the time to learn as much about the strain and seed bank or breeder as possible. Not every strain will be best suited for a first time grower, and working with indica and indica dominant hybrids can often be the first stepping stone to learning about how Cannabis plants grow and express themselves. 


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