7 New Year’s Resolutions with Cannabis

Stephen Andrews
31 Dec 2023

New Year is when many people make a list with resolutions where they lay down their wishes and goals what changes they want to make so that life gets better. Can cannabis help you achieve some of your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps it can. What you need to do is adapt your use and maybe explore specific products, then take the most of it in the challenge to improve. In this article, there are a several cool ideas you can take out with you in 2024.

There’s a special kind of excitement when a new year arrives. For many people it means turning a new leaf around and starting things fresh. How can cannabis fit in that picture? Here are seven New Year resolutions where cannabis can support you in your goals. 

1. Taking on Dry January  

A lot of New Year’s resolutions are about deciding on healthy habits. Although that doesn’t mean that the effort will always end successfully, sometimes even the slightest attempt can generate an effect and at least offer fresh perspectives on how you move on with your life. If you want to cut down on alcohol use for example, perhaps there’s no better occasion than going for Dry January.

Once all the holidays are done, it's a great time to detox the body and stick to a more herb-orientated diet. If it feels difficult to be sober all the time, even on the weekends, that’s where cannabis can help. And you won’t be alone in taking this challenge. One in five abstainers turned to weed during last Dry January’s challenge at the beginning of 2023. And who knows? Perhaps this grows into your new routine. Using a natural plant remedy instead of alcohol as a way to relax and enjoy your social life. 

2. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cannabis, especially in the form of CBD can reduce cravings for alcohol, as well as other vices, such as smoking cigarettes. This has recently also been confirmed in a study. You can always double on this challenge if you want to quit smoking weed as well. Although flower is the most popular product category, today’s market has so many different consumption methods that make cannabis more accessible than ever. Quitting smoke can benefit your lung health and improve the function of your immune system. 

3. Live a Less Stressful Life 

Various things can help improve your well-being when you struggle with excess stress and anxiety. Healthy practices can include doing sports, running, yoga, meditation, as well as incorporating cannabis in your de-stress tactics. Look for strains and products that are marketed for eliminating stress and anxiety. Both THC and CBD products can work, depending on your preferences. 

4. Try Microdosing 

If you think that sometimes your use of cannabis is problematic, it’s good to make a New Year’s resolution about that and explore ways to adjust. Problematic use usually means smoking too much all the time or continuing to smoke although it doesn’t feel great anymore. Microdosing is one of the strategies that can help here. Using minimal doses of weed generates a subtle and sustained effect where mood, mental clarity and focus all remain stable. How to microdose? Don’t smash the entire pack of gummies, take just one. Take only one tiny drop from the tincture. Inhale maximum three times. You set the limits. And you decide when to take the next micro dose. It can be a really rewarding way on how to use cannabis. 

5. Get More Productive 

Everyone wishes they get more productive and do more in the New Year. Cannabis can be your ally in this goal, too. Look for products and strains that boost energy, motivation and creativity, and test them to see how they soothe you in your daily routine. 

6. Fitness with Cannabis

Going to the gym, staying fit and building some muscles is also something that a lot of people say they will “definitely do” in the New Year. Training can be hard, and pain and discomfort can overwhelm your body after each gym session. Both CBD and THC can be helpful for exercise recovery and calming muscle soreness. 

7. Better Sleep

Better days are only possible with better sleep. In order to be more productive, more creative and all, it’s important to get a good night’s rest. If you struggle to get quality sleep and you’re determined to change that in the New Year, one option could be exploring a combination of THC with CBN (the sleep cannabinoid). Or generally look for strains billed to improve sleep without draining your energy the next day. 

Incorporating cannabis may indeed be the way forward into the New Year and how you conquer new highs in the next twelve months. 

Happy 2024!

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