6 Must-Try Apps for Cannabis Users

Stephen Andrews
16 Feb 2024

Digital apps are redefining the cannabis market and its community. Users can now explore strains and products with a few taps on their smartphone and even make orders in places where weed is legal, something that seemed impossible a decade ago. Weed apps can also support novice growers in taking care of their first plants, or connect patients with physicians who can prescribe medicinal cannabis. The possibilities are countless!


An app that has been touted as the “Yelp of Cannabis”! You’ve probably heard about Weedmaps. Even if you haven’t used it, you’ve seen the brand name somewhere or heard it from a friend. 

Weedmaps has been around for quite some time now. With 5 million downloads, it’s by far one of the most successful and useful apps to find weed information and also make orders. It’s an excellent guide to the U.S. and international cannabis market, allowing users to explore nearby dispensaries, their offers and services, and also find cannabis doctors. 

Its best options include: 

  • A map tool where you can find more information about legal weed
  • Tailored suggestions for cannabis strains with useful user feedback
  • Recommendations for physicians who can prescribe medicinal cannabis
  • In legal states, the app connects users with various brands and shows all the current offers and discounts. 


With over 1 million downloads, Leafly is Weedmap’s most serious competitor. It’s another platform where you can navigate through tons of useful and relevant cannabis information. Leafly is also the greatest online resource to learn all about the different kinds of cannabis strains, the approximate cannabinoid content each strain contains, and the effects they generate. 

Leafly app’s best options include:

  • A built-in map that shows nearby dispensaries and their menus
  • Listings of various cannabis remedies, including flower, edibles, oils and much more
  • Splendid reviews of cannabis products that can help determine if the product is right for you
  • A special feature for news on cannabis legalization and culture


Gone are the days when you don’t know what to do when you run out of weed in the middle of the night. All you have to do is install Eaze, one of the best cannabis delivery apps out there. Eaze has over 100,000 users who can enjoy exploring and ordering from thousands of cannabis shops and brands with the app. 

Eaze’s best features include:

  • A cannabis delivery service similar to how Uber works
  • Browse option for each dispensary menu 
  • Estimated delivery time for each order
  • A service that helps users find a physician who can prescribe medicinal cannabis


Thanks to technology, growing your own medicine is becoming much easier. Tasks that were once seen mundane or require a fair amount of time, can now be done with a few clicks on your screen. Growtronix is an app for both big and small cannabis growers who want to automate some of the processes in their grow room, and remotely control various aspects of the grow operation, such as lighting, watering, air conditioning, room temperature, pH levels, and more. 

Growtronix’s best features:

  • It connects with various pieces of hardware in your grow room and automate their function
  • Monitoring of all parameters, such as grow room temperature, humidity or lighting schedule
  • Option to control the hardware systems in your grow room via the internet and from afar 
  • Access to regular reports and analytics related to your growing operation


Another app that can support your cannabis growing effort is GrowBuddy. The app, developed by growers for growers, can help you track plants through all life cycles, from seedling to flowering. Using it can help you create an optimal environment for your plants. In addition, the app has options where you can connect with other growers.  

GrowBuddy’s best features include:

  • Customizable grow journals that you can share with other users 
  • Nutrient calculator and detailed feeding schedule
  • Options to monitor room temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.
  • Grower’s Marketplace, an area of the app where you can research and find all kinds of growing equipment and supplements


Last but not least, a cannabis app for all the chefs among you who are happy to try out preparing new infused foods in the kitchen. CannaBook is an app with a rich collection of recipes, plus it helps users organize their cannabis use and save strains and products that can treat their medical condition. 

The best options of this app:

  • Journal for tracking down your cannabis experience
  • Access to 300+ medicated recipes that are well-organized and easy-to-follow 

Do you already use any of these apps? 

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