Xzibit Opens Only Cannabis Store in Bel Air.

Liz Filmer
16 Apr 2024

Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis plans a grand opening ceremony with a handful of events.  Los Angeles neighbourhood Bel Air has a new arrival: a cannabis store, run by rapper Xzibit. It’s the rapper’s latest foray into the cannabis sector after the launch of a cannabis-themed podcast and cannabis brand Napalm.

Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis (XWCC) opened last month but operators want to make an event of it with some opening ceremonies. 

The opening of the store gives Xzibit the glory of being the sole adult-use cannabis retail licensee in the Bel Air area. 

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is located not far from Bel Air, and Xzibit’s new store has announced that UCLA students have been invited to try out the new store, with a 60% discount on premium cannabis products, demonstrating XWCC’s commitment to directly helping the local community.

“XWCC is more than a premium cannabis dispensary, it’s a culmination of a journey marked by passion, commitment, and excellence. Founded by renowned artist and entrepreneur, Xzibit, XWCC is a reflection of his life’s story, from his humble beginnings to his rise as a West Coast legend in music, entertainment, and cannabis. Xzibit’s career, marked by groundbreaking music and creative ventures, has always been driven by a deep commitment to authenticity and innovation. His journey is infused into the ethos of XWCC.” -XWCC Website.

How did Xzibit Build his Weed Legacy?

Recently Xzibit also launched Lasagna Ganja, his weekly podcast that discusses the cannabis sector. His co-host on the show is cannabis advocate and influencer Tammy The Cannabis Cutie.

Last year, a licensed craft grower based in Elgin, Illinois, Flora Arbor LLC, announced an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement with Napalm, Xzibit's premium cannabis brand.

Xzibit has explained in the past how cannabis has helped him to replace things like liquor, in contrast to his wilder, earlier days. 

“I don’t get as shit-faced as I used to, I don’t bounce back like I used to, so I had to slow that shit down. It gets in the way of your productivity.” Xzibit told High Times in 2019

Xzibit’s new venture with his cannabis store in Bel Air shows that he will remain an established figure in the cannabis market for some time.

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