Valentines Activities for Stoners

Liz Filmer
17 Feb 2024

Dinner for two or late-night movies for Valentine's Day is great, but it's fun to change things up with new activities and date ideas especially when you both like to smoke weed. Here are some cosy indoor and outdoor Valentine's activities to enjoy when stoned. 

Dinner with Friends
Get your group of friends together and host a group dinner. Have a potluck to cut prep work in half and have everyone bring a dish they love as well as a different strain for afters!

Make cheese or chocolate fondue and see what combos pair perfectly for the ultimate munchies experience. 

Go to a Gig
Gigs are perfect for enjoying some music and quality time with your partner.  Music is always so much better when you are stoned too.

Get a karaoke machine? Science has proven that singing with a partner or your best friends helps bring you closer together as well as being lots of fun. The THc will also give you a confidence boost if you are normally shy.

Breakfast in Bed
Start the day off right with a "wake and bake" followed by a romantic Valentine's Day breakfast lounging in bed in your pyjamas. Maybe with some Champagne.

Take a scenic hike together and enjoy all the beautiful sights and the fresh air as well as getting the opportunity to find some epic smoke spots. Just don't get too stoned as it's a long walk back to the car!

Game Night
Another great one for you and your close stoner pals, or those with a competitive streak, game night will make for a memorable Valentine's evening.

Movie Marathon
Great for those who love nothing more than a good couch locking strain and some quality relaxation time with your other half. Pick your favourite franchise or genre and indulge in some serious sofa rotting.

Head to a Museum
Want to buck those stoner trends and be a bit more cultured, head to a nearby history, art or science museum. Its a geeat idea to immerse yourself in something new with your partner whilst in a heightened state of mind. 

Paint or Create 
If you’d rather be making your own masterpiece, channel your inner artist and pick up a paintbrush. You can watch a YouTube tutorial at home or attend an in person class. There are loads to choose from, from landscape to life drawing or pottery classes.

Visit a Botanical Garden
Forget the overpriced bouquet of red roses this year and instead give your loved one the experience of a whole garden of beautiful botanics. It's a great relaxing environment to stroll through whilst stoned and will also make for some great photo ops with some other fantastic plants.

Gaming at the Arcade
Video games are not only nostalgic but also great fun when stoned. Leave the "adulting" stresses at home for the night Indulge your inner child  with a night full of racing games. Pacman or Streetfughter at your local arcade complete with sweet treats to satisfy those munchie cravings.

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