Top Cannabis Events in Europe for 2024

Liz Filmer
15 Mar 2024

As the campaign for cannabis legalisation spreads across Europe, it leaves cannabis fans with an array of annual events that they could attend.Cannabis shows and festivals unite cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy experiences, share information and try new products and ideas. It is a great way to meet like-minded people! 

Where are the best Cannabis Shows in Europe?

Spannabis (Barcelona, Spain, March)

Spannabis is presumably the biggest and most well-known cannabis event in Europe. It occurs annually in Barcelona over a weekend in March. This year it starts today March 15th Spannabis draws in tens of thousands of visitors a year. With a huge lineup of events, activities and exhibitors from across the spectrum of the cannabis industry including entrance to the International Cannabis Forum and the Cannabis Champions Cup! Spannabis has the perfect festival vibe, complete with a great live music lineup.

Product Earth (London, September)

Immerse yourself in wellness and sustainability. Product Earth is the foremost showcase of natural products, alternative therapies & medicines! Where innovation meets holistic well-being in a dynamic, inclusive environment for both business entrepreneurs and end users alike! Bustling expo floors, expert talks, and a comforting community spirit. Celebrate natural products and medicines, sustainability and the future of holistic living over 2 days at this premium UK show

Hanfparade (Berlin, Germany, August)

The Hanfparade is an annual hh in Germany that brings thousands of people together to honour the legalisation of cannabis globally. The motto is “Legislation is in the air”, and is great for all cannabis enthusiasts. The event is usually accompanied by performers and live music to celebrate weed and the movement for legalisation.

Canapa Mundi (Rome, Italy, February)

The Canapa Mundi is an Italian event based on wellness products and lifestyle. The first event attracted more than 10,000 visitors – with the size of the event tripling after the first year. Well worth a visit if you are planning on going to Iatly at around this time

Cannatrade (Zurich, Switzerland, bi-annually)

Cannatrade is an international cannabis event held biannually in Zurich, Switzerland. It is an enormous event, showcasing products and cannabis technologies and breakthroughsechnologies and .

Cultiva Hanfmesse (Vienna, Austria, October)

Vienna hosts the annual Cultiva Hanfmesse where all kinds of products and smoking paraphernalia are showcased making it perfect for the cannabis conoisseur. There is also a great 

Cannabis Liberation Day (Amsterdam, Holland, June)

The Cannabis Liberation Day is presumably one of the most celebrated events on the european cannabis calendar. It is all about freedom and legalisation. It is a day of celebrating everything cannabis. There are DJs, movies, art and vape lounges to chill in.

Cannafest (Prague, Czech Republic, August)

Cannafest showcase all kinds of products made out of hemp, such as clothing, fibres, cosmetic products as well as smoking devices. It's a great show for growers and smokers alike. There is plenty of new tech for you to try out at this show.

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