Organic Fertiliser Ideas

Liz Filmer
23 Jun 2022

Many of the products that most cannabis growers use require the plants to be "flushed" before harvest. This is the process of running large amounts of water through the plant's soil and root ball for several weeks. Flushing all of the accumulated salts, chemicals, and additives out of the plant's system, so that it is safer and tastes better when consumed.

If you are in the camp who would rather not add anything to their plant that they will have to "flush" out before it can be consumed, don't worry, there are alternatives. Much more natural, organic, and effortless ways to tend to our cannabis plants, all of which do not require flushing. I'm talking about using certified organic plant materials.

Top-dressing is the process of adding materials to the top of the soil and around the base of the plant. As the materials get watered in, they break down, move through the soil, and feed the plant! Feeding cannabis through routine top-dressings is time efficient and yields excellent results! 

However, nutrients are delivered more slowly via top-dressing than other methods. This method is best used as standard care for healthy plants or as an additional boost to your regular organic growing regime. If a plant shows immediate distress, teas or foliar sprays will provide more speedy results.

Once a week, add a combination of plant-based meal fertilisers to the top of your pots. During the early veg state, you should primarily use a variety of alfalfa and kelp meals. As the plant matures, switch to a combo of neem seed meal and kelp meal instead.

Kelp meal contains more than 70 vitamins and minerals. It supports overall plant health, vigour, and toleration to pressure, pests, and disease. It is also a renewable, sustainable resource.

Neem seed meal enhances microbial activity. It also strengthens root systems and helps control unwanted nematode populations, fungus, and soil pathogens. You are making your soil alive with beneficial microbes.

Alfalfa meal is a fertiliser naturally high in Nitrogen. It provides many other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your plants, including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Alfalfa also contains "triacontanol", a growth hormone that stimulates root growth. It also increases beneficial microbes and enhances photosynthesis. 

Alfalfa meal contains fast-acting Nitrogen and can, therefore, "burn" plants if you are careless. It works in unity with the microorganisms in the soil to break down and release nutrients, as well as heat the soil. This makes it an excellent compost accelerator! Start on the more conservative end of the dosage, see how the plant reacts, and then slowly increase its use. 

Application rates are as follows.

5-10 gallons pots & young plants

Alfalfa & Kelp 1 tbsp of alfalfa + 1 tbsp of kelp meal 

20-25 gallons pots & larger plants

Neem & Kelp 1 tbsp of neem + 1 tbsp of kelp meal 







Liz Filmer