Must Reads - The Cannabis Manifesto

Liz Filmer
06 May 2022

Cannabis and books are best enjoyed together. They give you time away from social media and the never-ending bad news in the world. Whether you're an industry insider, an entrepreneur looking to get started in the business, or just a stoner who wants to learn more about the history of the cannabis plant and prohibition. There is a book to take you from a casual cannabis consumer to an expert-level enthusiast. 

The Cannabis Manifesto-A New Paradigm for Wellness

By Steve DeAngelo, 2015

Written by the man some call "the father of the legal cannabis industry", The Cannabis Manifesto explains the unintended consequences of prohibition while envisioning the future of cannabis as a regular consumer product. 

For almost four decades, Steve DeAngelo has been a cannabis activist, advocate, entrepreneur, and educator. Global news teams have called on his vision and expertise, such as the New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and the BBC.

His creation of the largest medical marijuana dispensary globally set a standard for providing safe access, responsible use, and lab-tested, high-quality medicine. 

DeAngelo's narrative is an indispensable primer to his life's mission to reverse the War on Drugs and as an entrepreneur who has helped mould the legal cannabis landscape. Additionally, he shares his exceptional knowledge of the cannabis plant itself. Shedding light on its many spiritual, biological, and mental effects and benefits.

The Cannabis Manifesto paints a radical picture of our relationship with "weed". Steve DeAngelo presents a convincing case for cannabis as a wellness stimulus that should now be fully legalised. De Angelo believes that recreational cannabis use does not exist. He challenges his readers to reconsider everything they believed they knew about cannabis.

The Cannabis Manifesto answers all your questions about the cannabis plant. It uses extensive research to fuel a thoughtful discussion about cannabis science and law and its biological, mental, and spiritual effects on the human body. Then, DeAngelo describes how prohibition has distorted almost all institutions. Including the workplace, hospitals, and the courtroom itself. DeAngelo calls for a realistic national policy on a substance used by half of all Americans. This essential book has the power to transform how the world sees cannabis, its potential benefits, and the laws controlling its use.

I think this quote sums up why if you love weed, you need this book:

Steve DeAngelo has been an icon in the cannabis movement and industry for a very long time. I don't know that anyone on the planet right now possesses Steve's level of business savvy and knowledge of the cannabis plant. When Steve offers up his wisdom, people should listen and try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I know I do. The Cannabis Manifesto is a book that every cannabis enthusiast should have on their bookshelves.-Johnny Green. editor of the Weed Blog

Liz Filmer