How to Make Dry Sift Hash

Liz Filmer
29 Feb 2024

There are various types of hash and numerous ways to make it. Dry sifting is an easy way to make potent, high-quality hash.

There are various types of hash and numerous ways to make it. Dry sifting is an easy way to make potent, high-quality hash. You can produce a potent product that will vaporize easily. All you need is a fine mesh screen and your favourite weed.


Dry sifting is nothing new and has been used in top hash-producing regions like Afghanistan and Morocco since ancient times.

Dry sifting is rubbing dried cannabis against a mesh screen so that the trichomes become separated from the rest of the plant. 

A fine powder known as kief will fall through the screen and collect underneath.
Although fairly easy, it can take some time and several rounds of sifting to get all your kief powder, especially if you’re sifting a large amount of cannabis.


  • Dried, well-cured cannabis, resinous strains like Gorilla Glue or a Cookies variety are a great choice.
  • Wooden sifter box
  • Playing cards, credit cards, pieces of wood, etc.)
  • Pollen press 
  • Small funnel 
  • Large grinder, trimming shears, for breaking up your dry weed)


Open your sifter. Take a generous portion of cannabis and spread it out evenly on the screen of your box. 
Now close the lid of the sifter.
Shake the box for a few minutes. With some DIY sifters, like those where your weed is located beneath a flexible cover, you can swipe a credit card or similar across it back and forth to break the bud down. do this gently for 10–15 minutes.
Open the sifter box mix up the broken-down weed well, and then spread it out again for a second go.
Close the lid again and give the weed another round of shaking, and carding.
Open the sifter box and remove the screen where you will find that lots of fine kief powder have collected.
Scrape the kief together into a pile.


Open your pollen press and fill with kief. Use a funnel for best results.
Screw the top part back on.
Using the handle, screw down tightly to firmly press the powder.
Open the pollen press at the bottom and you have a firmly pressed parcel of hash!
Use a bank card or knife to carefully separate the hash cylinder from the press and now it is ready!


You will get the best results from your dry sift hash when working at a lower temperature. This is because the colder your weed, the more brittle the trichomes are and that means that they will separate from the buds with greater ease. The cold also makes things less sticky and easier to work with. You could also put your weed into airtight containers and store it in the freezer before you start the sifting process.

For even better results you can use different size mesh. Dry sift pros use several different sizes of mesh and complete the sifting in stages. Use a coarse screen first, and then re-run your sifts with finer and finer mesh, to get the finest best quality hash.


To keep your dry sift in tip-top condition for a long time, keep it away from high humidity, high temperatures, and oxygen. Keep it in airtight containers and store it in your fridge. If you are just keeping it for a few days, storing it in an airtight container in a cool, dark cupboard will be sufficient

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