How to get high without smoking?

Stephen Andrews
22 Nov 2021

Perhaps you are sick and tired of grinding and rolling (Are you ever gonna be?). Or, you simply want to try something different, something new. If you are curious about other ways to get high, there are so many options nowadays to choose from, and we are always here to give you some fresh ideas. So, keep on scrolling.

Industry experts often make remarks that the future of cannabis is smoke-free. Well, nobody says no longer will people bong and share joints and spliffs, but what we can expect is that more and more non-smokable goodies come down the line and find their way on dispensary shelves, some of them with exquisite quality and potency. 

Some alternatives to smoking, such as edibles and vapes, are already well established, and consumers are familiar with them. Other products like tinctures, concentrates, rubs, syrups, capsules, pills, wax, transdermal patches have also been around for some time. Still, some recreational users may be less familiar with it or just have been happy with their regular stash. Whatever the case, I am just about to go down with this list. Stick with me! 

1. Cannabis powders

THC in the form of powder first appeared in dispensaries around the U.S. West Coast. First of all, this is not a substance that you snort, thank you very much. In fact, consumption of cannabis powders is similar to taking sports supplements; it's a superbly refined marijuana flower, synthesised in carbohydrates like starch. THC powder behaves like sugar and is solvable in water, soda or other drinks. It has a quick onset, and it's easy on the stomach. Powders are generally used as medical supplements, but every once in a while, I guess you can make an exception and have it as your choice of drug for the weekend.

2. Pills, capsules, tablets

Who needs amphetamine when you can go raving with THC tablets. Just kidding. Pills and capsules containing THC and CBD are a few other options that medical users primarily consume. Pills and similar medicines can contain cannabinoids at various ratios but look for THC-dominant ones for the more potent remedies. The effects from a single capsule can last for several hours; this type of cannabis medicine is commonly prescribed for pain treatment, insomnia or anxiety; however, increased alertness and euphoria are also among the reported effects. Pills and capsules can contain refined decarboxylated flower, or the cannabinoids can be concentrated in crystalline and distillate solutions. If it's crystalline, it's likely a 100% pure cannabinoid extract. 

3. THC Syrups

People do drink syrup to ease coughing, however, in its less innocent version, a syrup rich with THC will basically knock you out as if you smoked half bag of weed. THC syrups generate similar effects to hash brownies, space cookies, and gummies. Brands like "Baked Bros" and "Cannavis" offer pourable syrups flavoured with cherry, peach mango, watermelon, kiwi, and other exotic fruits. It's important to mention that pot syrups are not the same as "lean", "sizzurp", or "dirty sprite". Pot-infused syrups are concentrated with hash oil as the basis, and the concoction can be enriched with vegetable glycerine, sugar, coconut oil, agave and other ingredients. Since it's a sugary drink, it can easily sprinkle some magic in classic cocktail recipes such as Mai Tai or Pina Colada. 

green canna cookies, cannabis edibles.

4. Classic edibles

When edibles first grabbed attention in the 1980s and 1990s, nobody imagined it would one day become one of the most convenient ways to consume marijuana. But here we are. Edibles are a beloved way of ingesting weed, so much that even your grandma may consider it on the table. Thanks to decarboxylation, weed can be infused in all kinds of foods, including pizza, ice cream, potato chips, beef jerky, dehydrated fruit, cotton candy, salsa, and even breakfast cereal. If you are a good chef who knows how to decarboxylate weed, you can prepare many pot-infused snacks at home by yourself. Just think of your favourite treats and see if it's something you can cook with cannabutter!

5. Cannabis wax

One of the most potent concentrations of cannabis essential oil is in the form of soft and sticky wax. Amber in colour, cannabis wax is a type of BHO (Butane hash oil); it uses butane as a solvent in the extraction process. Since butane is flammable, it's not something you want to prepare yourself, and I mean it, this is not a joke; it's not like you're going to bake cookies. But fortunately, wax is becoming an increasingly popular product on the legal pot market. With around 60-80 per cent THC, cannabis wax is really for those with high tolerance levels of marijuana. Wax is smoked, but not in the classic sense of smoke, but with a dab rig, a bong, pipe or vape. Read more on cannabis wax here.

cannabis tincture

6. Cannabis tinctures

Wax uses butane as a solvent, and tinctures use alcohol. Cannabis tincture remedies have been around at least since the 19th-century when women used it to treat cramps. Tinctures were also prescribed by doctors to treat patients with general pains and muscle spasms. Tinctures are witnessing a renaissance nowadays and can be taken with tea or other warm drinks, or a few drops of the liquid can be simply added below or directly on the tongue. I imagine it's an excellent way to get high with a tincture on a lazy Sunday where you still remain alert and prepare a nice meal for dinner or just binge-watch a Netflix special and gobble some fish and chips from yesterday. 

7. Cannabis vapour 

It's needless to write how popular vaping has become. In California, cannabis concentrates offered as vapes outsold flowers for the first time in history in 2019. So, that speaks volumes! Vaping exposes users to clean and much potent THC, minus the compromising chemicals found in regular smoke. The thing with vapour is that there always is a new type of product to try. In the last 12-18 months, hemp-derived THC analogues such as Delta-8Delta-10THC-O-acetate or HHC, typically sold in vape carts, virtually stole the show in the U.S. Each high is different from taking these synthetic cannabinoids, although health authorities are reluctant about it

Whichever alternative to smoking you decide to go for, just stay cautious if you are entirely new to it. Each body is different and has a unique reaction to getting high. Some users will undoubtedly find great comfort in some of the novel products that show up on the market, and there will always be those who will simply want to stick to a king-size roll or just never give up on their bong.

Stephen Andrews