First UK Online Cannabis clinic for managing M.S. pain.

Liz Filmer
23 Mar 2023

The Kanabo Group has exclusively opened what it asserts is the U.K.'s first online medical cannabis clinic to support people with multiple sclerosis and other disorders to manage chronic pain.

Called "Treat It", the clinic is anticipated to assist those whose traditional pharmaceutical medications are inefficient or those disheartened by long wait times for doctor referrals.

 Treat It can deliver medical cannabis quickly and efficiently. The service is backed by a proprietary health-tech forum that can access patients' medical documents and suggests safe online access to a doctor, usually on the same day.

"Millions with chronic pain are suffering in the U.K. needlessly because they can't get timely access to medication."  

"Our secure patient medical record system is optimised for patient outcomes so that a Treat It doctor will consult with a patient within a few hours and, where appropriate, prescribe medicinal cannabis with delivery possible in a few days."  Kanabo press release.

Because the physician can access patient medical narratives, a remedy can be found fast. After a prescription is processed, the patient's medicinal cannabis will be provided by an associate pharmacy, generally within a week. Repeat prescriptions are typically dispatched the next day.

What makes "Treat It" different from any existing private medical cannabis clinic is that it's an online direct healthcare service provider that links the patient and their medical records with a doctor and a dispersing agent.

"With Treat It, we are putting the power back into the hands of patients by offering secure and easy access to medical cannabis treatments and delivering them right to the doorstep. We recognise the need for alternative treatments to conventional pharmaceuticals, often leaving chronic pain sufferers frustrated and underserved." Avihu Tamir, CEO of Kanabo Group.

Around 8 million U.K. citizens are thought to suffer from chronic pain, with roughly 24% being prescribed opioids as treatment. Kanabo also concentrates on migraines, sciatica, cancer, neuropathy and joint pain.

Following findings from the British Pain Society, U.K. patients can typically wait 13 weeks for a restorative referral. Moreover, even if they obtain a prescription for chronic pain, established pharmaceutical medicines can often cause side effects.

To legally prescribe medicinal cannabis, Treat It medics must be enlisted with the U.K.'s General Medical Counsel, which independently regulates its doctors and obeys "National Institute for Health and Care Excellence policies and guidelines.

Dependent on the patient, the clinic assesses patients and charges an upfront consultation fee of around £80.00 plus variable prescription fees.

While additional analysis is required, some investigations have indicated that cannabis may have restorative promise in managing M.S. symptoms like pain, spasticity, and insomnia. 

The cannabis-derived oral spray medication Sativex (nabiximols) is a licensed medication that can relieve muscle stiffness and spasms. It is the sole licensed medical cannabis product for M.S. available in the U.K.


Liz Filmer