Classic Movies to Watch When Stoned

Liz Filmer
30 Apr 2023

New films, reboots and super hero franchises with special effects and big budgets are all well and good but sometimes all you want especially when you are stoned, is a good healthy dose of comfort and nostalgia to go with your weed and your munchies. 

Here are some films from the last 50 years that will hit every mood…  all with great storylines and immersive plots that will keep you entertained for as long as you manage to stay awake. 

1. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction is widely regarded as Tarantino's masterpiece and remains as good today as it was almost 30 years ago! The film that ressurected the acting career of John Travolta sees the lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption. This movie has some of the best lines in cinema. so real, simple and unique

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

A bonified stoner classic even twenty-five years later .This Coen-brothers-directed crime-comedy follows the misadventures of Bridges' slacker character as he is mistaken for a man who owes money to kingpin Jackie Treehorn and the hilarious fallout that ensues as the Dude just tries to live his life and mourn his ruined rug in peace.

3. Jaws (1975)

The film that redefined summer blockbusters. Jaws set the standard at the time for visual effects, iconic script, intense scenes, and great chemistry. A  balance of mystery, thriller, and suspenser, it was Spielberg's first mainstream hit. The story is set in a fictional beach town where trouble arises at the hands of a ferocious great white shark.

As things get more out-of-hand the head of police, a slightly unhinged fish-harpooner and an enthusiastic marine biologist set out at sea to end the beast.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street reveals the excesses of 80's Wall Street and the greed of its players in a bold and unflinching manner. The film's depiction of drug use, promiscuity, and corruption is both raw, dramatic and hilarious.

One of Scorsese's best,  the details and nuances of dialog and expression are enthralling The flow and comedy in the depth of depravity is amazing, this movie capures life in all that it is.

5. Fight Club (1996)

Fight Club revolves around an unnamed narrator suffering from amnesia, who, discontented with his life meets a soap maker named Tyler Durden. The men start a fight club. However, everything is not what it seems, as the narrator finds out the group is out of control and there is only one way out.

 It remains David Fincher's finest work, featuring some of the most quotable lines in cinema history. With exceptional performances from Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, there's a reason why Fight Club has become a staple in pop culture.

6.  Aliens (1986)

Arguably one of the few sequels that is better than the original. Aliens picks after the first movie when after floating in space for 57 years, Lt. Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) shuttle is recovered by a deep space salvage team. Before long Ripley is sent back to the planet where the original Alien was encountered but even with a band of cocky marines in tow with all the latest weaponry, the group will be no match for the hundreds of aliens that have invaded the colony. Bloody chaos ensues.

It’s a fantastic sci-fi movie. It’s a fantastic action movie. It’s a fantastic horror movie, coming from another Hollywood heavyweight director, James Cameron.

Liz Filmer