Cannabis and Art

Liz Filmer
24 Nov 2022

Artists of all cultures and mediums, from musicians, and sculptures to painters and photographers, have dabbled with cannabis while creating art. 

Science says that cannabis stimulates the frontal lobe, the area of the brain that is most active in creative types. If you want to boost your creativity with cannabis, you must find the correct dosage. Knowing what strain to use can help as well. Remember that an Indica will keep you calmer, while a Sativa will give you an energy boost. 

Now that cannabis is starting to hold a legal status across the United States, we are beginning to see people combine the plant with art. Businesses appear where the drug is legal and host fun, interactive art activities for people to participate in, such as "Puff, Pass and Paint" or "Marijuana and Mimosas". 

Cannabis Artists

 A 2001 study in South Africa by anthropologist Francis Thackeray may have found evidence that beloved English playwright William Shakespeare smoked cannabis. 

His team examined 24 tobacco pipes found in Shakespeare's garden. While they can't prove that he used them, the fact they were all found on his property raises the possibility that at least some of them were. The 24 pipes were analysed and found to contain traces of cannabis and cocaine. If Shakespeare did use cannabis, it was probably for its mind-stimulating properties.

Cannabis Culture

In today's culture, many artists use cannabis, from famous rappers to actors and tv presenters. These artists use artistic vision, along with their love of weed, to create art and ways of sharing that art

 with their fans. 

"Cannabis keeps me feeling good and allows me to be more creative. You've got to keep feeling inspired. Weed relaxes you and opens your mind."- Snoop Dogg.

Cannabis Art

Cliff Maynard is a mosaic artist who uses cannabis to create his art, along with roaches, or the ends of blunts, to create unique mosaics. What started as an experiment whilst studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh evolved into "recycling on a higher level." Maynard has created portraits of Bob Marley and Joh Lennon and cannabis advocacy flyers for pro-canna demonstrations.

Tony Greenhand is the "world's greatest joint roller" and creates the most amazing smokable sculptures. By scrolling through his instagram, you will find creations like The Pink Panther and a collection of Rick and Morty characters. Greenhand has even had cannabis commissions for cannabis enthusiasts like Tommy Chong. 

Alyssa Serpentini is doing her part, hoping to break the stigma around cannabis art. Serpentini creates landscape art and layers rich colours to emphasise cannabis and make something different from what most people would expect to see from cannabis. Using various techniques, including acrylics and glazes, she showcases her finished pieces similarly to how you would expect to see paintings of wildflowers and trees to help emphasise the similarities between all plants. Serpentini also uses hemp in her works by mixing a powdered form with her modelling compound.

There is an increasing number of cannabis artists creating incredible works of art. Artists are using cannabis byproducts in their art or as art itself and simply smoking cannabis to feel inspired and creative. No matter the medium or the use, cannabis art is a growing creative avenue with many forms and variations.

Liz Filmer