Biggest Weed Haul in the World

Stephen Andrews
08 Nov 2022

Spain's Guardia Civil reportedly confiscated what's claimed to be the world's largest haul of packaged weed ever. Operation Jardines resulted in the seizure of 32 tons of cannabis buds stored in several Spanish towns. The weed was supplied to various countries across Europe. A group of 20 people was arrested as part of the police action.

Only a couple of months ago, Spanish authorities reported the seizure of 415,000 illegal hemp plants. The haul was valued at around 100 million euros. Now authorities say they seized over 32 tons of cannabis, or the equivalent of over one million Cannabis plants with a street value of at least 65 million euros. 

"Operation Jardines has concluded with the seizure of 32,370.2 kilograms of marijuana buds, the largest seizure of this substance, not only in Spain, but internationally. Its equivalence in complete plants would be approximately 1,100,000 specimens", the police statement said. 

The illegal cannabis was stored in the Spanish cities of Toledo, Ciudad Real, Valencia and Asturias, according to the police. It was sold "through a complex business network" that involved sending the weed vacuum-packed throughout Spain and other European countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. 

The Guardia said that 20 people were involved in the illicit cannabis operation. The men and women, now detained, controlled the entire production and distribution with the help of various "companies" responsible for different parts of the process such as supplying seeds, growing and drying crops, packaging, and so on. 

Overall, Spain has better laws on Cannabis than most European countries. 

Recreational use of Cannabis in Spain is decriminalised and allowed in private spaces. A person can also cultivate a small number of plants as long as they are not visible from the outside. Spain also has more than 600 cannabis clubs that users can join via an exclusive invite or by paying a membership fee. This is the only viable option for now as supplying and distribution remains punishable by law. 

In addition, Spanish pharmacies are expected to begin sales of medical marijuana by the end of the year.

Only Malta has so far fully legalised Cannabis, while Germany recently revealed a proposal that suggests legalising the possession of up to 30 grams of Cannabis on your person and regulating recreational sales in a controlled market. 

Stephen Andrews