B3 Labs CBD Inclusion is a leap forward for UK cannabis.

Liz Filmer
12 Jul 2022

Europe's leading CBD manufacturer in Manchester has become one of the top UK companies to have its product portfolio added to the list of CBD products regulated for European use after the novel foods accreditation list was published recently.

Any company wanting to sell CBD products in the UK must submit a Novel Foods application to the FSA. The list containing almost 12,000 products was recently published, with final authorisations expected by 2023.B3 Labs has a whopping 525 products on the list, putting it in the top five manufacturers. Their product range includes a range of high-quality CBD oils, gummies and vapes and was recently acquired by Sana Life Science, a leading specialist cannabis distributor. Sana Life Science is based in the UK and operates across Europe, including in the UK and Germany.

"This is a landmark moment for B3 Labs, but also Europe's cannabis market as a whole. B3 is committed to ensuring consumers know what they get when purchasing CBD products. Today's news is a significant step in our growth journey.We hope to see more of the consumer cannabis market following suit to drive transparency and assurance across the industry." -CEO at B3 Labs, Marc Burbidge,

B3 Labs was Europe's first BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) certified CBD manufacturer. They obtained AA grade certification in 2021. Combining the highest accolade of food certification and cannabinoid understanding has allowed B3 to set a high benchmark for the cannabis industry. B3 is helping to drive legitimacy, ensuring the cannabis industry matches the same standards as the traditional foods market. 

An analysis published last year by Leafreport demonstrated a lack of clarity and third-party testing in the legal cannabis market. The problem is that most CBD products are mislabeled concerning their potency and purity. B3 Labs, however, are driving the market forward by supplying consumers with better guarantees over its CBD products' safety, transparency and quality. 

This is an excellent example of a UK company helping to bring the UK cannabis market up to the same standards as not only the US and canadian market but aldso the traditional foods sector. 


Liz Filmer