How To Grow Seedsman’s Banana Jealousy

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02 Apr 2024

Banana Jealousy is part of the latest line of feminised cannabis strains from Seedsman, launched in November of 2023. It’s a brilliantly blended combination of high-quality genetics with a unique flavour profile, outstanding potency, and an ease of growing that cultivators will love.

As one of Seedsman’s hottest newest varieties, Banana Jealousy comes with the kind of resumé that’s guaranteed to raise eyebrows, set tongues wagging, and make mouths water. Let’s take a deeper look at Banana Jealousy and see if it’s got what it takes to make you the envy of your friends.

What’s the Lineage of Banana Jealousy?

Carefully concocted from the impressive parentage of Banana Cream, Jealousy and Gelato 41, there’s no argument that Banana Jealousy has quality in its DNA. Those are three top-notch strains, so it makes sense that any offspring of that tryst will have an abundance of character. Gelato 41 boasts a Cannabis Cup win in the Indica Category, and any new weed strain with an award-winning parent is always worth investigating.

The original Jealousy strain is revered for its colourful looks – which have passed on to junior here – and its rich, balanced effect. And Banana Cream? Well, if that name doesn’t get your taste buds tingling, nothing will. Add its amazing euphoric effects to that taste profile, and you have yourself a joint to remember.

Banana Jealousy manages to skillfully blend the finer attributes of all three parents to make a new strain, which is downright killer.

First, Germinate Your Seeds

Commencing the cultivation process of Banana Jealousy involves the initial step of germinating the seeds. Employing various methods, the pivotal stage entails exposing the seed's outer shell to moisture, facilitating water penetration, and stimulating internal growth. This action induces the shell to fracture, allowing the emergence of the taproot—a crucial milestone in the cultivation journey. Typically, this emergence transpires within a 3-4 day timeframe, although it is advisable to allow up to 7 days for the complete emergence of the taproot. In outdoor planting scenarios, germination may extend up to 14 days, depending upon the climate zone.


How To Grow Seedsman’s Banana Jealousy

Then, Manage the Seedling Stage

The seedling stage is vital, and seedlings are fragile. They need 18-24 hours of light, along with moist soil and mild humidity to grow. But a seedling’s root system is small, so be careful not to overwater or else you could drown your plant at this stage. Your plants will begin to develop leaves which will take on the classic serrated edges we associate with cannabis. Then comes the vegetative growth stage. You’ll be looking to relocate your plants to bigger pots at this stage, and they will began packing on mass. Now you’re talking.

What To Expect When Growing Banana Jealousy

The good news is that, even though it’s a high-quality strain, Banana Jealousy grows with little fuss. As with all the new Seedsman strains, growing is a relative snap, meaning less experienced growers can cultivate fantastic cannabis without running into trouble. This is the main advantage of building from proven genetics – you get all the best traits in terms of aroma, yield, cannabinoids and flavour, but also the kind of vigor and resilience that helps you sleep at night, knowing your plants are thriving.

Banana Jealousy borrows its easy-going personality from the Banana Cream component; Jealousy and Gelato typically require a little more effort to coax out the best results. Cultivators will be pleased to learn that Banana Jealousy comes with a good degree of mould resistance, which is definitely one less headache.

Banana Jealousy shines in a variety of environments – cool, warm, humid – it doesn’t matter. This strain will keep on trucking and is equally at home indoors or outdoors. Plants take on a significant stretch, and can easily bypass the six-foot mark, so a little bit of plant training will make your life easier, as well as helping boost those impressive yields.

How To Grow Seedsman’s Banana Jealousy

Does Banana Jealousy Yield Well?

Speaking of yields, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got plenty of stash jars available. With the right environment and a good nutrient schedule, Banana Jealousy will thank you for all your tender loving care with a sizeable harvest. Indoor growers can coax up to 600gm/m2 from their crops, while outdoor growing in the right conditions can see you bring in as much as 750gm/plant. That’s enough to keep the cupboards full for a while!

Banana Jealousy will spend 8-10 weeks in flowering, with outdoor harvests ready to reap in late September/early October (Northern Hemisphere) or late March/early April (Southern Hemisphere).

What Does Banana Jealousy Smell Like?

Banana Jealousy has an incredible aromatic profile, and plants get extremely loud as flowering progresses. Highly fruity notes of sweet banana make this a treat just to be around, but there’s a pleasant skunkiness to the overall profile that really makes a mark. If you’re going to grow this one indoors, make sure your odour control game is well on point!

Plants take on a spectacular appearance at this stage, too – you'll be treated to a real display as your grow area turns into a sea of spectacular greens, oranges and purples. When Banana Jealousy hits top speed, it’s a sight to behold, a real show-off.

How Does Banana Jealousy Taste?

The more you investigate Banana Jealousy’s many qualities, the more impressed you become. The sweet fruity notes of the aroma carry through to the flavour as you’d expect, and the creamy banana flavour makes for a refreshing change from all of the citrus-flavoured weeds you get these days. This is ably backed by that welcome skunky quality that kicks in perfectly to avoid making the sweetness overly-cloying. The flavour is balanced, the smoke is smooth and delicious.

Is Banana Jealousy a Potent Cannabis Strain?

Many breeders today are spurred on by the challenge of creating strains with increasingly higher THC content. Banana Jealousy is definitely in the upper tier when it comes to such numbers, boasting a pretty impressive 28% THC content. You’ll know about it, for sure! Effects come on fast, and are long-lasting as well, but this is no couch-lock strain. Sure, you’ll enjoy a good degree of body relaxation, but the degree of balance in the effects is impressive. A euphoric sensation takes over and leaves you buzzed in the best way, for hours.

If you’re tempted to try your hand at growing this superb new strain, visit Seedsman.com where you can buy Banana Jealousy seeds in packs of 1, 3, 5, and 10.

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