how to open a medical cannabis dispensary FINANCIAL

Careers in the Cannabis Industry: How to Open a Medical Cannabis Dispensary?

With the unprecedented boom of the cannabis industry within the last decade, those interested in pursuing a career can do so in …

stoned at the grocery store LIFESTYLE

Stoned at the Grocery Store? Surviving the ‘Outside World’ is Sometimes Tricky

We’ve all been there. You got high, you feel like your body is going to crumble on the floor because you are …

The Missdeed of Cannabis Legalisation

Choosing A Growing Medium

One of the first pieces of your hydroponic puzzle to figure out is simply what growing medium to use. I’ve seen everything from aquarium gravel


The Woes of a Dusty Environment

Your plants don’t like a dusty environment – it clogs the CO2 pores in the foliage, making the plant work harder for the necessary stuff


Growing With Guano

There are lots of people who have tried their hand at growing with guano, and there are many who have failed for a few simple


Bubble Hash vs. Tumbler Hash

Most cannabis based products are the result of cannabinoid isomerization. The bud is treated with a solvent which dissolves parts of the plant that aren’t


Why Is pH Important?

What’s pH? This is a question that usually makes new growers scratch their heads and reach for the pipe. pH applies to the level of


Flower Pollination & Interbreeding Basics

Most growers have at one time thought about breeding up their own strain of cannabis. Thinking it through usually ends the project before you even

Top 5 Countries That Produce The Best Weed

Nutrient Deficiencies In The Wild

There are many variables to growing out of doors that will take their toll. Ensure success by the brute force planting of many plants in


Growing At Home

So most of us smokers have run out of grass at an inopportune time, whether it be at a party or just at a time


Locating Your Summer Crop

Planting marijuana just anywhere won’t do. Choosing the proper growing location is of paramount importance to the success of the crop. Whether it is just

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