Whoopi Goldberg is Totally on Point About AR15

Stephen Andrews
07 Jun 2022

The latest school mass shooting in Uvalde, which took place just days after the Buffalo massacre, once again heated talks on gun control. But in the aftermath of the horrendous tragedies, there are so many people who still believe guns are not the issue. Can you guess which one of those issues is? You bet it's pot, or as conservative TV host Laura Ingraham prefers to say, it looks like "we are not talking about the pot psychosis violent behavior connection." After hearing such absurd nonsense, Whoopi Goldberg's face goes Whaaat?! The legendary actress then fired up a lecture on the subject!

"The View" panel took on the opportunity to weigh in on many conservatives who say guns are not the issue. Here's the transcript of some of their dangerous proclamations: 

"We took God out of school, all this evil comes in... and we left a vacuum out there in the lives of so many children." 

"This child that did this horrible act was confused, was dressed up like a girl..."

"We stopped teaching values in so many of our schools, we are now indoctrinating our children with things like CRT..."

And perhaps the best gem of them all, attributed to Laura Ingraham: "Why are people in general not talking more about the pot psychosis violent behavior connection?!"

Whoopi Goldberg exactly knew how to respond! She had a lecture to give. She said: "Listen, I know you are gonna think I am crazy but none of those things are the issue. The issue is that there is an assault weapon out there that people can put their hands on. They can put their hands on it easier than they can get a glass of beer in a bar. Kids can get an assault weapon. That's the issue! It's not if you smoke too much weed, you know that Laura, you should know that."

The iconic actress and TV personality described AR15 rifles as weapons designed "to kill and destroy bodies," and she said the only explainable reason why someone should have their hands on this type of weapon is if they are a soldier. 

"You can keep pretending like you don't know that we have an issue with assault weapon," she said. 

"You can't blame it on the weed. People who smoke weed are not carrying AR-15, okay. They don't even know where they put them, okay?"

Whoopi, you absolutely nailed it. You're a queen!

Stephen Andrews