What Special Cannabis Plants Are There?

Stephen Andrews
12 Jan 2024

Some cannabis plants are special because of the therapeutic effects they give, or because they contain crazy amounts of THC. Others are special in the way they grow, or in the rich colors they display once they enter flowering. With so many different types of cannabis cultivars out there, is it even possible to select just a few very special ones? Let’s give it a try.

There are thousands of cannabis plant varieties that you can grow, so it’s normal to wonder what are the most special ones. It comes down to what matters to you personally as a user. Is it the potency of the strain? Is it the ease with which you can grow? Or perhaps something else? Below, we take a look at some pretty special weed strains in terms of potency, breeding potential, effect, etc. 

From the Most Potent Plants 

One of them is Godfather OG, one of the most potent cannabis cultivars with around 30% THC. This Indica-dominant variety is also known as the Don of all Kush. A strain like Godfather OG is often chosen as a parent strain for breeding other strains, precisely because it’s rich in THC. Besides it can be great fun to smoke this weed, Godfather OG is also a common choice among medical users who seek relief from pain, insomnia, stress or trauma. The grow difficulty for Godfather OG is beginner, with feminized seeds appropriate for trying ScrOG and SOG methods. So, all of these things make this cannabis plant a really special one. 

From the Most Common Parent Strains

Since we mentioned parent strains, it’s good to note which cannabis variety is most commonly used for breeding purposes. The number one on the list is probably Afghani, which is an original landrace plant. A pure indica that has been cultivated for centuries, Afghani is a prized breeding stock in every major seed bank out there. Its earthy scent is the result of a rich terpenes combination, including myrcene, terpinolene, and pinene. Plus, there are Afghani’s noted effects of deep relaxation and euphoria. Growing? It's hard to mess up with it, especially with such genetics. Short, nice brunches, low maintenance. 

From the Most Colorful Flowers

Some cannabis flowers are praised for the amazing colors they give. One of the most special plants in this category is Granddaddy Purple, which is also known under several other names such as “Granddaddy Purple Kush”, “Granddaddy Purps” or simply “GDP.” The GDP flowers give deep hues of purple, which create nice contrast with the translucent white crystal resin coating that grace this cultivar. And of course, it’s not only the looks. GDP delivers a beautiful effect felt in both the mind and the body, a nice cerebral high and deep muscles relaxation. Suitable for novice gardeners, too. 

From the Most Special Haze Strains

This is really a tough one. Haze cannabis plants are really all good, and it’s a sin to select just a single special one. People love haze because of the high THC content and the uplifting effect that follows smoking these strains. Still, there is one if we must choose: Purple Haze. A strain made popular by Jimi Hendrix, and known for its rapid strong high, almost psychedelic. Sweet and earthy, Purple Haze is 85% sativa, and it’s believed to be a cross between Purple Thai and the original Haze varieties. Just like Granddaddy Purple, Purple Haze also has a coat of purple. The plant produces its rare pigment as a way to protect itself from too much sunlight, and is one of the easier haze varieties to cultivate. All the more reasons to put it on an A-list. 

From the Universal Smokes

If everyone likes to smoke it, if everyone enjoys it, that must be a very special weed indeed. Such a description is 100% applicable for Northern Lights, one of the most popular medicinal and recreational strains. It’s also probably one of the strains that has been most written about. You’ve probably smoked it in some occasions without even knowing what it was. It’s hard to resist the euphoric effects that this staple weed gives, relaxing the body and calming the mind. A cannabis plant cultivar with a really special name, Northern Lights is a pure indica with resinous buds, fast flowering time, and strong immune system, which makes it resilient during the different stages of growth. 

From the Best CBD Plants 

One standout from the group of plants that are rich in CBD is Lifter. It’s one of the most popular hemp varieties,  in a great demand for its abundance of Cannabidiol. The Lifter cultivar contains 18% of CBD on average. Plants grow beautiful green buds with brown hints and are heavy on trichomes. It’s a pretty tall plant, and true to its name. Lifter hemp does lift up the mood, producing a sense of calm and peace. It can be taken throughout the whole day to reduce tension, without feeling any high. Try growing or make a purchase from a local farmer. 

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