What Affects the Quality of Weed?

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03 Apr 2021

It’s essential that when buying anything, you check where it comes from. The same thing goes when you’re buying your weed. Do research or ask how it was handled, where it was stored, and anything else that might affect it before it landed in your hands.

The term “quality” can mean differently for each person, so the quality of weed may vary depending on the person taking it. However, the quality of weed can generally mean if the weed is excellent or if it’s not. But how will you know whether you have the excellent weed and not the other way around?

Determining Quality of Weed

Identifying whether a weed is high-quality or not can be troublesome even for people who use them regularly. Finding out about the different types of weed in the U.S. or somewhere else isn’t enough. But there are key traits that you can check to determine whether a weed is good or bad. If you want to make sure that you have quality weed, test for the following characteristics:


Good quality weeds that are cultivated with the best standards have a strong and pleasant aroma when smelled. Some users refer to the weed’s quality depending on the strong fragrance they give off. Test and smell your buds - if they have a strong fragrance, you got some good quality experience waiting for you.


You can also try touching and feeling the weed. Good quality strains are sticky and somewhat spongy when gently squeezed between the fingers. If the stems and the bud completely break and crumbles, that’s far from a good weed.


High-quality weeds are pleasant to look at. Simply eyeing your weed can help you assess if it’s a good weed or not. Good weed is appealing to the eyes and often have dark green and orange or red hairs.


Check if your weed has any mold or pests. If there is one, your weed is automatically not good for smoking. 

What Does the Quality of Weed Depends On?

With a good background of how good quality weeds are like, you can easily assess what you have in your stash. But what makes the quality of weeds differ from each other?

Grower Capabilities

Growing weed isn’t for everyone, especially if you want to produce high-quality buds. The skills of the grower or cultivator significantly affect how the weed turns out in terms of quality. Before purchasing, make sure to gain knowledge about who grew your marijuana and how they grew it. Good strains grow from the right environment and proper handling.

Plant Genetics

There isn’t much to do if the bad quality of a weed has to do with genetics. The genetics of each cultivar is the result of the crossed plants used to produce it. The genetics of these two parent plants directly influences and affects the produce. So, if the weed has poor genetic properties, your weed is most likely to be of poor quality too.

Handling and Storage

It’s essential that when buying anything, you check where it comes from. The same thing goes when you’re buying your stash of cannabis. Do research or ask how it was handled, where it was stored, and anything else that might affect it before it landed in your hands. Poorly stored and handled weed can result in low-quality buds when purchased because many factors can affect it while it's stored. The temperature and the humidity, most notably since mold can develop from poor temperature and humidity conditions.

How Can You Tell If It’s a Bad Weed?

If you think you can’t correctly assess what a good weed is like, maybe you can check directly if it’s a bad weed. Here’s what to look for in a bad weed:

  • Color – bad weeds are often darker in color
  • Texture – poor and low-quality weeds are more brittle than usual
  • Weight – bad weeds are airy and light
  • Ratio – if the ratio of the plant to the seed and stem is poor, that’s a bad weed
  • Taste – when tasting a bad weed, you’ll taste less flavor than how a typical weed should have

Marijuana Grades

Generally, there are three main types or grades of weeds you can get and take. The low-grade weeds, mid-grade weeds, and high-grade weeds.

1. Low-Grade Weed

This weed is straight up a bad weed. However, there are still people who buy it because it tends to be cheaper. If you want to look out for low-grade weeds, you just have to assess if it’s a bad weed. Some names of a low-grade weed include: Schwag, Reggie, Shake.

2. Mid-Grade Weed

This goes in between the high and the low. Mid-grade pot is not too poor and not too high in quality, just right in the middle. It’s not terrible smoke, but it’s not the best either. Some mid-grade strains can also have higher CBD contents, which is not what you’re after if you want to get high. To check for a mid-grade weed, look out for the following:

  • Slight give when squeezed
  • Enough taste and aroma
  • Doesn’t smell like mold

3. High-Grade Weed

This is the best quality of weed you can ever get. A high-grade weed is known for its pleasing look, intense aroma and will give you the best experience. A high-grade marijuana will also be well-manicured and will be covered in trichomes that look like tiny crystals.

Effects of Good Marijuana

The effect and experience given by a good and high-quality weed are easy to differentiate from low and mid-grade weeds. When you taste a high-quality flower, you should notice the following:

  • Powerful physiological changes in you
  • Complete relaxation of the whole body or an intense rush of adrenaline-like feeling
  • Strong equivalent effects

However, it’s important to consider that the effects of a high-quality pot can vary depending on the person’s physical and mental tolerance. It can also depend on what strain of weed you have.

What Grade Are Your Buds?

There are many factors that can affect the quality of weed, and there are also many ways you can determine how the weed you have is affected by them. A low-quality weed simply gives away the fact that it's a bad weed just by looking and tasting some of it. The same goes for a high-quality and good weed. Choose the best quality weed that will give you what you need.

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