What Are Weed SunRocks?

Stephen Andrews
24 Mar 2022

You may be familiar with MoonRocks, which are nugs dipped in oil and reinforced with kief. Moon rocks were created to offer an enhanced experience for users who find smoking regular flower inefficient. A single bong rip of this potent concentrate is enough to launch you to the moon and back. SunRocks are similar, but they are considered even more powerful than MoonRocks.

The holy trio of buds, oil and kief is what users need to prepare some MoonRocks. It's an item available at dispensaries, but it's also easy to make it yourself. It can be done with two different strains or consistencies of wax. Whichever the case, you get yourself a MoonRock that will rock your brains and bones. Enter SunRocks, it's even stronger and more potent than MoonRocks. So much so that we're not sure if Snoop Dogg would have it. He has said in an interview MoonRocks were too much for him. Since SunRocks are next level, any experienced consumer should be cautious with this stuff, and it's definitely not for newbies. 

What's the difference between MoonRocks and SunRocks?

It takes a regular bud, dried and cured just like any other bud, which is then dipped into hash oil and rolled in kief to get moon rocks. Treated like that, you get a saturated, sticky flower product that can have up to 60% THC. Here comes the first difference with SunRocks. The weaker samples of SunRocks would score at around 60% in lab tests. 

Moon rocks have a thick coating, therefore it's hard to assess the quality of the flower used in the process of making. You find out whether a high-quality or low-quality flower was used for it only after you crack open the coat. Fortunately, it won't look like an expired plant material that its producer decided to give it an afterlife. With SunRocks, it's easier to tell if you are getting a high-grade product. 

All elements used for sun rocks, such as the bud, the extract and kief, come from the same strain. Producers typically use high-grade flower and concentrate on preparing sun rocks. According to some sources, OG Kush is the most common marijuana strain used for sun rocks. Due to the purity of the material used, some of the most potent sun rocks contain 80% THC.

How to use sun rocks?

Since this is a sticky substance, avoid the grinder and use scissors to cut the sun rock into tiny pieces, which you can then combust with a bong, pipe, or blunt wrap. A blunt with regular weed can also be enhanced by adding pieces of SunRocks. However, things can get messy with a joint or a blunt, so opting for a glass pipe or bong may be the best way to use sun rocks (and moon rocks). 

It goes without saying, you don't need much to get as high as f*ck from consuming sun rocks. Just a little and you are off on a course around the solar system. 

Stephen Andrews