Marijuana Concentrates Grow in Popularity

Stephen Andrews
27 May 2023

Marijuana concentrates such as wax, shatter or budder have long been viewed as products designated only for the most hard-core of marijuana users. Besides potency, another argument why many people have avoided concentrates has been the clunkiness of dab rigs that could easily cost over $150 and require tons of other equipment, such as nails and torches. However, the appearance of simpler, easier-to-use, and more affordable devices for using concentrates has ignited the market, attracting a new generation of consumers.

Concentrate sales are seeing a steady climb in the U.S. in recent years. Retail of these products in both medical and recreational markets moved up from $1.9 billion in 2020 to $2.4 billion in 2022. Next year, 2024, this figure is expected to surpass $3 billion. 

What drives cannabis concentrates sales forward is a new generation of consumer devices that are much easier to use and simpler to explain to users. There are also much more affordable options or "entry devices" for those who simply want to test if concentrate is something that suits them well. 

Apart from hash, concentrates such as wax, rosin, or shatter are relatively new products that started to appear on the market roughly two decades ago, with newer, extra-potent varieties like crystals and diamonds having also emerged in the last few years. Only in the past five years or so have concentrate products become more available in dispensaries nationwide. 

A big reason why retailers report increased concentrate sales is that the narrative around them has changed. No longer are concentrates perceived as something reserved only for super-experienced veteran users with extraordinary tolerance to THC. Concentrates are now presented as a viable option even for the newest cannabis consumers. 

Convenient concentrate consumption devices like The Zenco come with tulip-shaped glass bulbs that capture the concentrate vapor once heated. Consumers can then take small amounts of that vapor and enjoy the full spectrum of terpenes and flavors. They can better control the experience, which was not the case with previous devices. 

The new generation of concentrate consumption devices is not only convenient to use, but you can also find them for prices that are only a fraction of the more expensive high-end dab rigs. You can easily find "entry devices" shaped like vape battery pens and contain a small chamber to load the concentrate. Costing only around $25, you can quickly heat the concentrate once you fill in the chamber and inhale.

The appearance of these new devices has principally changed consumer attitudes and decreased the stigma around their use. The newer devices are smoother, simpler, and more elegant, speaking normalcy rather than something exceptional.

Many of the new devices also allow for low-temperature vaporization, which is safer because fewer toxins are unleashed compared to combustion at higher temperatures. They allow heating at around 500 degrees, ideal for warming up the essential oils and turning them into vapor. Consuming a concentrate, you enjoy an instant good high, all while dwelling into a pleasant aromatic experience. 

Stephen Andrews