Dragon Ball THC Extract

Stephen Andrews
18 Jan 2022

They look like an orb that a fortuneteller could use to tell your future—an item from your wildest fantasies. Dragon Balls haven't quite conquered the cannabis market, mainly because a piece costs a fortune: well above $100,000. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball cannabis concentrates are available in smaller quantities than what's in a single ball, which, by the way, is as heavy as 3000 grams and consists of fine, above 90% THC extract reinforced with sweet aroma and terpenes.

Dragon Ball cannabis concentrates came to prominence in Seattle a couple of years back. Its manufacturer, X-tracted Labs, uses a unique extraction technique to create its amber crystal spheres blazed with 99% potent THC. Dragon Ball THC concentrate can be dabbed, vaped or smoked, and I don't need to tell you that you don't need much of this to go as high as a kite. The best part of Dragon Ball dabs? Users who've tried it say this is one of the most flavorsome and sensory experiences of taking hash concentrates. The secret is in the process of how it's made.

How are Dragon Balls made?

The making of Dragon Balls pure THC is based on a hydrocarbon concentrate dubbed "The Clear." This specific concentrate uses a purifying extraction process that melts everything from the cannabis plant except the cannabinoids. The cannabis material used to prepare "The Clear" is cleansed from all impurities to get almost 100% cannabinoid extract.

"The Clear" is a distillate turned thinner and runnier with the help of terpenes, much different from other concentrates that make use of CO2 oil and propylene glycol solvent. In fact, terpenes make all the difference. Extraction typically diminishes terpenes, the aromatic compounds in cannabis that augment any of the effects a cannabis strain can induce; however, Dragon Balls rely on terpenes for a clean and premium final product. 

Manufacturers at X-tracted re-introduce terpenes in the concentrate to finetune the aroma and taste of Dragon Balls. The concentrate coming from the plant material is infused with the same or adjusted ratios of terpenes found in the starting material used. Terpenes levels are adjusted to emphasize specific effects of the strain. For example, to make it more sedating, uplifting, euphoric, or stress-reducing. 

When ready, the fresh extract reinforced with terpenes is poured into a hot glass orb. A single Dragon Ball typically weighs 3000 grams or 5 basketballs or a six-pack if you will.

How to use Dragon Balls?

The most popular consumption method of Dragon Balls is dabbing. Those who've had it say "The Clear" is the best dabs they've tried in their life. It should come as no surprise as you basically dab pure elixir of cannabinoids enhanced with some incredible flavors, such as sherbet lime or banana cream. Some users even say Dragon Ball dabs felt like devouring real fruits, which just might be the effect of consuming THC in such a pure, unadulterated form. 

Dabbing is the most efficient way to consume Dragon Ball concentrates due to the high temperature needed to combust the substance into vapor properly. However, extracts from "The Clear" are also available in vaporizer cartridges. This is a slightly less efficient way to consume the concentrate as most vaporizers will not reach the same heating temperatures as dabbing. Regardless of that, it's a pretty decent vape; even users who are not so much into vaping enjoy Dragon Ball carts. Free from synthetic solvents, it's some of the cleanest vape you can get. 

Like with other extracts, Dragon Ball cannabis concentrates can also be spread on joints and spliffs. And it can be infused in edibles if you are the type of person who likes to take cannabis without any smoking, vaping, or dabbing. 

While you will not find Dragon Ball cannabis concentrates in every state around the country, where available, a gram of this premium extract can cost up to $100. How much dabs you manage from a gram depends on you. Just remember, this is some of the most potent THC stuff you can get your hands on, so proceed with caution!

Stephen Andrews