Weed Diamonds: What Are They?

Stephen Andrews
19 Sep 2022

Weed diamonds are created by cold extracting the resin from cannabis plants. The crystals form as pressure is applied to the oil using a chromatography machine. Unlike other concentrates that test anywhere between 70 and 90 percent in THC content, diamonds are pure, almost 100 percent THC.

Perhaps you've heard about other extra potent extracts, one of them being the legendary Dragon Ball. You might have thought, wow, that's crazy, a concentrate with above 90% THC content! An extract such as Dragon Ball costs well above $100,000 on the market. Enter Weed Diamonds—they're the next level of Dragon Balls.

The crucial part of weed diamond extraction is temperature. THCA is the precursor of THC. Looking at its chemical structure, THCA has a few extra atoms attached. Those additional acid atoms make THCA unable to induce psychoactive effects unless activated with heat.

Weed diamonds resemble one of the purest forms of THC ever manufactured. The name "diamond" is given because you can actually see what crystalline THCA looks like. Rarely over a few millimeters across, weed diamonds are 99% THC, and the remaining 1 percent is terpenes and other cannabinoids. As pure as one can get. In contrast, the average potency of marijuana flower is between 20 and 25 percent of THC. 

When it comes to consumption, crystals such as weed diamonds need to be smoked or vaporized to unlock the THC from the THCA. Diamond consumption is often done by "capping" a less potent extract like wax or rosin. You "cap" your extract by topping it off with pot diamonds. No need to warn you, be careful with diamonds. This stuff is four-five times stronger than your average spliff. 

What is the Process of Making Weed Diamonds?

The manufacture of weed diamonds requires the cautious handling of some extraordinarily volatile and toxic solvents. Don't even try to extract diamonds at home. Pure THCA extracts are produced by licensed professionals in regulated labs with extensive safety measures. 

Here is more detailed information about the production of weed diamonds.

  • Hash oil is made with live cold extraction. The cold temperature during extraction is a must to make sure that THCA does not turn into THC. THCA will crystalize in the right conditions, but THC just won't.
  • Then follows the winterization of oil, a chemical process where lipids and other desired oil compounds are removed from the rest of the mass. The oily extract is mixed with Everclear, and then goes the freezing and filtering it. 
  • The winterized hash oil is dipped in methanol liquid in the next step as well as the methanol is treated with a rotary evaporator. 
  • A pentane solution is used to wash the oil and remove any plant residue. The substance then again goes into the rotary evaporator.
  • A chromatography machine then pressures the oil substance, converting it into dazzling diamond form. 
  • Ultimately, the crystals need to dry, which takes up to 12 days. Once dried, they are ready to cap. 

The US market currently offers several brands of THCA crystals. While they aren't cheap, their purity and quality can't be matched.

Stephen Andrews