Smoke or Vape? The Benefits of Vaporizing Weed Over Smoking It

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22 Jun 2017

Smoke or Vape?

As weed begins to become more widely spread in popularity and getting legalized in several states, the trends of vaporizing it have started to make an appearance more and more in the marijuana culture. Vaping in itself has been a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, so it makes sense that weed has also been vaporized. Smoke or Vape? Those who have been big marijuana fans for years are likely hesitant to hop on the bandwagon. Smoking, though no official studies have been able to prove anything too substantial, is just generally not good for your lungs. Switching to a vape has become so popular for this very reason. You still get the joy of weed, or in the case of cigarettes nicotine, without hurting your lungs and suffering from some of the unfortunate side effects of smoking.

The Benefits of Vaporizing Weed Over Smoking It

Smoke or Vape? The benefits of changing your smoking habit to vaporizing marijuana can offer you some great benefits, and as it becomes more widely popular, more options and choices will become available. There is already a rich market of vaporizers out there and a community to stand with them, but why should you make the change? marijuana culture
  • You’ll save money. In the long-run, investing in a vape will be more cost effective than rolling joints, and the juice lasts for awhile. When it comes to pinching pennies, this method definitely makes a difference.
  • Experience better tastes. Vaporizing your weed leaves you with the ability to enjoy the flavorful elements better, which is great for marijuana lovers. The flavor is enhanced and comes out cleaner and crisper than when burnt.
  • Less obvious. It’s like smoking, but incognito. Vaping will give off much less of an odor, and the smoke cloud isn’t as telling as it would be when smoking. Since there is still a fairly wide-spread dislike when it comes to weed, this is an easier way to get a hit without the dirty looks.
  • A better high. If you vape, the high will be stronger, though depending on your vape, it could come at a delay. You get what you pay for, so the better the vaporizer, the better the high.
  • You’ll just feel better. Smoking is never healthy, and there are always going to be side-effects similar to a hangover from holding the smoke in your lungs. Vapors are easier on your body.
Finding the best vaporizer for dry herb is an important step if you’re wanting to make the decision to try out vaporizing your weed. Doing your research and talking to someone who is knowledgeable on the subject can help you decide what you’re hoping to get out of vaping and which tank is your best option. Things you’ll want to consider when it comes to buying a vape are the battery life, the flavor intensity, durability, and vapor quality. Finding a pen that works the best for you is the most important part of getting into the vape community of marijuana fans. Smoke or Vape?  There are advocates for both, but the momentum may be pointing towards vape. SOURCE
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