Natural Painkiller - is Marijuana Good for Chronic Pain Treatment?

Soft Secrets
05 Jun 2020
There are a lot of myths going around medical marijuana. It’s been like this since before it became legal - in fact, a “regular” person probably wouldn’t think about asking their doctor for prescribing marijuana for chronic pain at the risk of sounding like they just want to get their hands on some cannabis legally (and with lower taxes!). Sadly, a lot of people find it embarrassing to ask if cannabis can help them with managing their chronic pain.
When it comes to prescribing cannabis for pain management, it often gets “forgotten” and many patients end up with a vial of a designer drug that their insurance fully covers, and as illustrated by the recent scandal with opioid medication, sometimes pharmaceutical companies have more than their fair swing at the market. Your access to medical cannabis will vary depending on your location - in come European countries it is freely available, while in others you have to go to special pharmacies, often far from where you live. But products like CBD oli, edibles and other products are freely available in places like Canada or in the United States (through sites like 420DC) - some will even deliver to you. The only thing that a prescription changes is the tax charged. A lot of people can often overlook the benefits of marijuana when it comes to chronic pain treatment, and not realize that this may be their best pain management option. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed - be clear and open with your doctor, and you can both think about options that are best for you.

What Type of Cannabis is Best for Pain?

Managing chronic pain isn’t just about picking up a joint and smoking it - let’s get rid of that stereotype right now. Cannabis has many chemical properties - each of them reacts a bit differently with your nervous system and not all of them will get you high. In fact, only THC has the psychotropic effect that most people associate with marijuana. Other chemicals or cannabinoids found in cannabis include CBD, CBN, CBDa, CBG and many others. They all have different properties, and studies are still done on all of them - it has to be said that the medical community is a bit behind, because of the legal status of this powerful plant. Although cannabis is usually ineffective against post-surgery pain and other types of acute pain, it has been proven to be extremely effective against chronic pain that comes with age and diseases like cancer, arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis or chronic back pain. According to Harvard Medical School, other diseases that cause chronic pain can also benefit from CBD use include fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, and many more. Certain strains of cannabis have been proven to work better for specific types of pain or illnesses. This is because cannabis plants have different strains that vary in chemical properties quite a bit. They all have different THC, CBD and NNN levels - this can be controlled and manipulated through cross-breeding, and creating strains for specific purposes. These new strains are being developed all the time, and it’s best to check what’s available on the market before you decide to purchase medicinal cannabis. Condition: Multiple Sclerosis Strain: Russian Assassin Mostly Indica, this strain is deeply relaxing, helps with sleep and has a numbing effect on the whole body. It relieves both stress and pain, helps with illness-related anxiety and depression as well as sleep. This is all especially important in people who have to live with Multiple Sclerosis, as they experience chronic pain, sleep trouble and tremors. Condition: EndometritisStrain: 9 Pound HammerThis strain offers powerful pain relief that lasts for a long time - this is good for the steady returning pain of Endo, and helps to both manage pain and get some sleep as well. Condition: Chronic back painStrain: HarlequinThis strain is sativa dominant and will relieve your pain while also leaving you with enough creative energy to face your day. A lot of cannabis strains that have pain relief in mind also have a big sedative effect that leaves you hazy and helps with sleep - not this one. This is ideal for back pain sufferers because it will help you with the pain while helping with Condition: Insomnia caused by chronic painStrain: Gorilla GlueThis is a strong punch that will leave you feeling like you just want to sleep forever, even if your chronic back pain has been keeping you awake. WIth 25% THC, it’s best to try this strain when you’re ready to call it a night.

Does it Work?

The most popular cannabis product available on the market is CBD oil. It’s available even in countries that frown upon cannabis use, and you can get it online anywhere you live if you’re in North America.  It’s such a widely available product that you might wonder if it’s a new “fad” and if it’s going to go out of style once the wave of cannabis popularity is going to pass. The question is - does CBD oil work? We have taken some look at both research and reviews to give a short, well-informed answer.  Anecdotal speaking cannabis helps with chronic pain - there’s no confusion about it. While it might not help with immediate pain caused by injury, surgery or other unfortunate but temporary circumstances, it does help with things like: -       Migraines-       Menstrual pain-       Chronic back pain -       Chronic multiple sclerosis pain-       Cancer pain-       Artheritis painScientifically, there already is an FDA approved drug use to treat seizures on the market, and more studies are ongoing. The most unfortunate thing about cannabis is that although it is one of the most promising botanicals out  there, it’s been on the margin of the law and research. We simply have to wait for more study outcomes - and the problem here isn’t that they’re being done - it’s just that a lot of them have to be long-term studies with long-term outcomes and that can’t be sped up. We have to wait. Meanwhile, you are free to see for yourself - legally and with help and advice from dispensaries and cannabis stores.

Psychological Toll of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a long lasting effect on your quality of life - because it’s an ever-present companion and it robs us of the ability to be positive. “Chronic” means that you can’t say “this too, shall pass”, because you know that it might or will not. Even in cases where your chronic pain is expected to get better in the long run, the prospect of suffering through it deeply affects your ability to be positive and function. Cannabis isn’t a miracle super-drug, but it helps holistically, working with both your mind and body to relieve chronic pain and stress.
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