Gummies, Brownies, Ice Cream - What's Your Favorite Cannabis Edible?

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28 Aug 2020

Until not so long time ago, cannabis edibles were nowhere nearly as popular as they are today. The drill with marijuana was that you smoke, and that's it: you get high, feel the effects immediately, perhaps laugh with friends, and drink a can of beer.

However, marijuana is no longer only about smoking. The lucrative merchandise of cannabis edibles is growing continually. Edible products, infused with cannabis, include an array of different foods and beverages, and some of it was hard to imagine it would exist ten or twenty years ago. With the steady expansion of marijuana legalization, there has come an avid demand for all sorts of marijuana products. The different cannabis-infused edibles can be purchased in dispensaries, although many people prepare on their own. So, we thought to give you a short overview of some of the cannabis edibles not to be missed.

But first, how are cannabis edibles any different?

If you haven't tried any edibles, you might be wondering what's all that fuzz about it. First and foremost, cannabis edibles give a delayed and extended effect of how the weed hits you. It has to do with how cannabis edibles are consumed. Since the edible needs to be ingested, the weed generates a different effect than when smoked or vaporized. The cannabinoids, the various chemicals found in cannabis, do not enter the body through the lungs, but the route is mouth and stomach. So, basically, cannabis edibles do not merely include solid foods that need some chewing or beverages such as THC-enriched coffee, but also tinctures, cannabis capsules, and even dissolvable cannabis powder. By nature, all edibles may generate a slightly more potent effect than smokable cannabis. So, if you end up with a brownie which says it has 25% THC in it, it should be enough to catapult you in a festive mood. In fact, you don't have to eat the whole thing.

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles


From chewy edibles, hard candies, cookies, brownies, and chocolates to pizza, potato chips, and ice cream - foods are the most popular cannabis edibles; thus, all the different foodstuff you can imagine infused with cannabis.  Cannabis food usually uses THC-infused fat. THC, the compound we can all thank for giving the good high, is easily bindable with fat. When THC is mixed with butter, the butter's fatty compounds quickly absorb the cannabinoids from the marijuana, after which you can use them in cooking and prepare, let's say a tasty grandma-style space cake. Basically, if you have cannabis butter or cannabis oil, you can enrich any food you prepare with THC.  What kind of high to look for in? Cannabis-infused foods are ultra-effective. However, you have to wait until the 'high' hits you, as the THC needs to get processed throughout your gastrointestinal tract. A common mistake is that people at first won't feel anything, so they'll have some more THC-infused treats. Then, when the high hits, it's too late. If you combine with booze, you might suffer a terrible weed hangover, too.  So, if you are ingesting weed with food edibles, give it some time until the "magic" works. 


Second to cannabis-enriched foods are cannabis-enriched drinks such as tea, coffee, soda, cold tonics, and even fancy-looking aperitifs that make for an appropriate substitute for a cocktail and which have actually been inspired by drinks like Aperol or Campari.  Drinkable cannabis also offers an extra potent high than only smoking or vaping your marijuana. Thank your liver for that as it helps convert the THC into a more psychoactive variant of itself.  Drinks work similarly to foods. Users won't be able to feel the weed effect immediately, so it would be a mistake to just go on and have one cannabis drink after another. Give the treat a little time to work its way in your body

Cannabis tinctures

Another type of edible is cannabis tinctures. These are alcohol-based cannabis extracts, and they are ingested in the body through the mouth cavity.  You don't need a lot of cannabis tincture to feel the effects. A few little drops of the extract should do the trick. Using tinctures, you need to hold the drops in the mouth for a while to be absorbed properly. Cannabinoids from the cannabis tincture then move into the bloodstream through the mouth and tongue.  Compared to other edibles, there has been a production of cannabis tinctures for quite some time now; however, never has this type of edible become so popular like brownies let's say.  Tinctures are favored by cannabis users who want to be attentive on how they medicate and how much cannabis they intake. 

Discreet edibles

Two other types of edibles include cannabis capsules and dissolvable THC powders, and as products, both have appeared more recently. Just like tinctures, cannabis capsules are also very discreet to use. You just swallow the pill. A capsule has a predeterminate dosage of how much cannabis is in it, and it's a great edible option if you would like to avoid the taste of some foods or even avoid sugar or fat content that comes with the edibles.  Dissolvable THC powders are also billed for their tastelessness, or ability to leave no trace that you have consumed any weed. Powders are very simple to use. You can take a glass of water and pour in it the goodie, and you have water with tasteless cannabis. You can also stir the powder into a cup of juice or mix it with your regular food.  Options such as cannabis capsules and dissolvable THC powders are perhaps not the funniest way to use cannabis, but for all those who want to avoid having any hint of cannabis on them, who really want to do it discreetly, this is the way to go.  Whatever cannabis edible you want to try, just make sure that you check THC's content in the product. It's important to know how much powerful THC products you are purchasing. Review the edible product package carefully and see that it's professionally packed, that it displays enough information, and that the edible is clearly labeled and says that it contains cannabis. Otherwise, you can always prepare cannabis butter and cook some cannabis food by yourself.

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