Famous People Supporting Medicinal Cannabis

Stephen Andrews
29 Aug 2022

Many celebrities use marijuana to treat various medical conditions they are suffering from, including cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, pain, etc. Some of them have become vocal proponents of the medical use of cannabis over the years, and many have also launched their own lines of cannabis flower and products.

Whoopi Goldberg 

The legendary actress and TV personality have nabbed numerous accolades over her decades-long career, including an Emmy, Grammy, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award. Goldberg, who supports the therapeutic use of cannabis, says the medicinal plant helps her treat headaches induced by glaucoma, and she is known to prefer vaping. "My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship," she has said. 

In 2016, Goldberg entered the cannabis industry, too, after partnering with the founder of Om edibles, Maya Elisabeth. The collaboration resulted in the brand Whoopi & Maya and includes medical pot products such as bath soaks, body balms, and herbal tinctures, all designed to diminish menstrual pain.

Legend Whoopi Goldberg is also quick to address any nonsense she comes across related to cannabis in general. When conservative TV host Laura Ingraham recently linked marijuana with violent behavior and the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Goldberg was straightforward: "You can't blame it on the weed. People who smoke weed are not carrying AR-15, okay. They don't even know where they put them, okay."

famous people who support medicinal cannabis: Whoopi Goldberg.
Whoopi Goldberg in "The View" panel discussing gun violence and politics. Source: 'The View' on YouTube

Morgan Freeman

With his distinctive deep narration, Morgan Freeman is the voice of God in Hollywood cinema. But even God has health issues. Freeman, one of the most prolific film stars ever, has revealed that he has fibromyalgia, and to treat his condition, he has resorted to medicinal marijuana. Fibromyalgia can manifest with pain all over the body and also leads to sleep disorders, fatigue and stress.

Freeman has shared about his medical use of cannabis in an interview with The Daily Beast, where he says: "I have fibromyalgia pain in this arm, and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They're talking about kids who have grand mal seizures, and they've discovered that marijuana eases that down to where these children can have a life. That right there, to me, says, 'Legalize it across the board'."

"And what negative effects does it have?" Freeman continues in the same interview. "Look at Woodstock 1969. They said, 'We're not going to bother them or say anything about smoking marijuana' and not one problem or fight. Then look at what happened in '99," he concludes, recalling the less weed-friendly 30th-anniversary event, which was overshadowed by incidents, riots, and multiple arrests. 

famous people supporting medicinal cannabis: Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman with his spouse Myrna Colley-Lee at the Academy Awards back in 1990. Source: Images Alight / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi, the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and younger sibling of the late comedian John Belushi has pivoted in his career to launch the cannabis edutainment show "Growing Belushi." Belushi runs a farm in Southern Oregon where his team grows premium cannabis sold under several signature brands such as Blues Brothers, Captain Jack's, and Belushi Secret Stash.

Belushi's cannabis TV show portrays to us that he is a dedicated, caring farmer. In one interview, he says that cultivating cannabis has helped him "become a more empathetic, compassionate, thoughtful and gentler man." He said: "It's kind of spiritually put me back in my body, put me back in my community."

His brother, John Belushi, was a 33-year-old TV and movie star who suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the medical term for brain damage due to head trauma. Because of his condition, John always reached for drugs and alcohol. Sadly, he would pass away from a cocaine and heroin overdose at the Chateau Marmont in LA in 1982. In Jim's view, his brother would have still been alive had he smoked weed instead of reaching out to other substances. "He died of a drug overdose, and I think ... if he were a pothead, You know, he'd be alive. Because it's a great medicine," Jim has shared. 

"In the '70s, if they knew what we knew today about marijuana and the healing benefits I think my brother John would still be alive," Jim added. 

famous people who support medicinal cannabis: Jim Belushi
Jim Belushi during a visit at the House of Blues in Houston, back in 2008. Source: Nunezart on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Tommy Chong 

One of the stars of the "Cheech and Chong" comedy show has been a cancer patient multiple times throughout his life. To treat his illness, he has relied on medical marijuana. Chong suffered from stage one prostate cancer when he decided to use hemp oil. After a year of ingesting the oil every night, Chong was reportedly declared cancer-free. When the disease returned, he allegedly used a combination of radiation therapy and high-CBD oil treatments.

Chong is one of many celebrates who have launched their own line of marijuana products. The Tommy Chong cannabis brand offers CBD gummies, muscle balms and gels, sleep and energy tinctures, and more.

The 83-year-old actor has recently also criticized President Joe Biden for having refused to legalize marijuana nationwide. Discussing the subject of drugs on the Status Coup podcast with host Jordan Chariton, he was asked, "If you could, you know, light up a little cannabis with one modern-day politician, who would it be?" 

Chong said: "Politician? Joe Biden. Oh man. He needs to get high so bad. Poor Joe." In the same interview, he adds, "Joe's there, but he's not quite. He's still got his foot on the politician thing." He said if "Joe were hip, he would've come in and rescheduled weed, because that scheduling is one that's kind of stopping everything from the flow."

famous people supporting medical use of cannabis: Tommy Chong.
A snapshot from legend Tommy Chong's appearance on Comedy at 420. Source: Laugh Out Loud Flix on YouTube


Hip hop legend B-Real has made a name for himself with Cypress Hill. He has also been an active advocate of cannabis ever since his career took off in the early 1990s. Today, the rapper, born Louis Mario Freese, runs multiple cannabis ventures, including his retail cannabis chain Dr. Greenthumb. His premium flower is available at select dispensaries in California and Oklahoma. 

Asked why cannabis advocacy is important to him and what he does to support the movement, he told The High Times in a recent interview: "Cannabis has always been there. I never felt there was anything wrong with it." 

He adds:" ... as far as I can remember, that's been how I've felt. I try to lend my voice where I can. I've never been afraid to be open about it. I just try to keep the topic in front of people, do my best to support the culture. That sort of thing."

famous people supporting medicinal cannabis: B Real from Cypress Hill.
Cypress Hill performing during Le Cabaret Vert back in 2017. Source: Pamputt on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Jane Fonda

Legendary film actress and former fashion model Jane Fonda, 84, is a vocal proponent of medical cannabis. In one of her most recent appearances in film, she played Lily Tomlin in the cannabis-friendly "Grace and Franki" on Netflix. 

The two-time Academy Award winner for "Klute" and "Coming Home" has revealed over interviews that getting stoned has never quite worked for her in the past: "I've never been able to work: either act, or write, or read, or go to the movies. I've never been able to really do anything that I wanted to focus on if I was stoned."

Nevertheless, she has expressed her fascination with how scientific knowledge on cannabis has progressed over the last decades and how research has been "able to segment out different parts of the weed." 

Fonda today is known to enjoy cannabis tinctures and topicals, and she has also acted as the brand ambassador for Uncle Bud's hemp and CBD products. As an environmentalist, Jane Fonda is also a huge supporter of the hemp industry

"You asked me why I think hemp is important. I'll tell you why: We have to stop fossil fuels: we have to phase out fossil fuels from our economy, and we have to do it quickly. We need to be looking for things that can be integral to a national economy that is democratic." And one of those integral things according to Fonda is hemp!

famous people who support medicinal cannabis: Jane Fonda.
As an activist, Jane Fonda has backed various causes. On the photo: Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War conference in the Netherlands back in 1975. Source: Mieremet, Rob / Anefo on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 nl
Stephen Andrews