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23 Mar 2015

DJ Short's Blueberry is one of the most legendary Canadian indica strains in the modern international Cannabis community.

DJ Short's Blueberry is one of the most legendary Canadian indica strains in the modern international Cannabis community.

DJ Short's Blueberry

Strain Name: Blueberry
Nation: Canada
Breeder: DJ Short
Genetics: 20% sativa / 80% indica
Origins: (Purple Thai & Highland Thai) x Afghan Indica
Flowering: 40 to 55 days
Outdoor Harvest: 50 to 60 days or around mid-October

Over the years, Canada has been overlooked at having a competitive stake in the early commercialized Cannabis scene. While the history of the Dutch efforts at collecting and creating many famous pot strains is well documented, some folks may have forgotten about the activities of various Canadian and American growers and breeders in the 1970s. As the Hindu Kush, Skunk #1, Afghani and other pioneer varieties were being developed in Europe, a group of dedicated folks who were scattered around the western coast of North America were simultaneously working on the early hybrids that would forever change the reputation of the 'American' weed scene. One of the results of these experiments is DJ Short's Delta 9 Blue Collection of Cannabis genetics, most notably, the Blueberry itself.

Blueberry does well both indoors and out-

History of the Origins of Blueberry

DJ Short is known as one of the seminal Canadian Cannabis breeders, although he himself is American. Earning his spot as one of the most skilful and storied breeders in the history of commercialized hybrids, DJ Short combined hand-selected landrace varieties with carefully-stabilized, pure-bred strains to create some of the most legendary names in the industry. Much of this selective breeding was executed at the time with genetics collected by some of the more prodigious pot people of Oregon and California.

The Blue family of Cannabis was mostly created from four powerhouse strains: Highland Oaxaca Gold, Highland Thai, Chocolate Thai and Afghan Indica. Noted for its blueish hue and lavender-tinged, blueberry-scented buds, the Blue family of weed generally offers a slightly trippy high that is offset with the clear, pure, sedating effect of true indica genes. Of those, the sativas were pure, landrace varieties, meaning that they offered an unfettered version of the most desirable traits available from their corresponding geographical regions. Mellowing this sativa blast with a reliable, relaxing Afghan means that the Blue family of pot allows growers to selectively cultivate whatever particular combination of traits that they prefer, whether related to cultivation, flavor or effect.

Oaxaca Gold and Chocolate Thai were crossed to create Purple Thai, which grew tall and stretchy but with more symmetry and predictability than the asymmetric, jungle-like Highland Thai, also known as Juicy Fruit Thai. These extremely late bloomers (ten to sixteen weeks indoors) were selected for low incidences of hermaphroditism and crossed with the Afghan pollen, leading to a strain simply known as the 'Cross'. When these F1 Cross plants were bred together, the F2 Double Cross varieties, exhibiting an extremely varied phenotypic range, provided the majority of the genetic content for the Blue family, which was later selectively crossed and cross-bred for stability, then grown out over several generations.

Bubble Berry from Sagarmatha Seeds [Bubble Gum x Blueberry]

Blueberry Cultivation, Phenotypes and Effect

Naturally, the blueberry is known for its strong, sweet berry flavor and scent. However, the appearance of this strain is just as responsible for its moniker, as the plant showcases a variety of colors throughout its maturation. Some growers report a slow, even change from red to purple to blue as flowering progresses, while the scent of the strain evolves from slightly spicy and musky - evidence of the Afghani father plant - to sugary and fruity.

Considering the high indica content of DJ Short's Blueberry, it is natural to assume that the effect would be heavy-hitting and sedating. However, the powerful twenty-percent sativa content originates from such vigorous parentage that a euphoric, uplifting result can be expected from smoking true Blueberry.

The original Blueberry has always been consistent in producing short, stocky and dense plants. A sea-of-green (SOG) garden may be the best destination for such genetics, as the heavy indica content generally promotes bushy plants that grow outward rather than upward, allowing for maximum light penetration. If the central cola is not removed by employing the common bonsai-cutting technique, growers should be extra vigilant in maintaining proper light phases, humidity levels and temperature. Otherwise, the density and length of the Blueberry's spear-shaped colas may lead to infestations of mold, powdery mildew or similar plant ailments.

It should be noted that, over the past few decades, some unscrupulous growers have resorted to simply lowering their grow room temps in order to replicate the blue tinge of the classic Blueberry - this subjects the foliage to cold stress, which typically results in the leaves turning blue or purplish. However, one sniff or toke and it will be immediately evident that an imposter has been masquerading as this incredible variety.

William's Wonder from B.C. Bud Depot

Marijuana Hybrids Related to Blueberry

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hybrids purporting to contain original Blueberry genetics. For the most part, many strains with either 'blue' or 'berry' in the title may contain at least a trace of this legendary strain. Also enjoying particular fandom are other members of the Delta 9 Blue Collection, including DJ Short's sativa-dominant Flo and half-indica, half-sativa Blue Velvet (both Purple Thai x Afghan). William's Wonder is another popular variety, dating to around the same time as Blueberry, which exhibits some similar phenotypes, despite a more dominant indica content. Big Buddha combined the ubiquitous Cheese with a Blueberry male to create his powerhouse Blue Cheese, while the Bubble Berry from Sagarmatha Seeds is a fresh and fruity blend of the fabled Serious Seeds Bubblegum with DJ Short's Blueberry.


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