Cannabis High, Cannabis Taste: Starting your Cannabis Diary

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03 May 2020

Lockdown time doesn't have to be boring. Keeping a cannabis diary can be a fun way to stay productive while you are also staying high, should you want to note all those cannabis highs and cannabis lows.


Cannabis Diary: Cannabis High, Cannabis Taste

One of the productive ways you can do with your weed is to write about cannabis taste, cannabis high, and the overall effects cannabis consumption has on you. In short, you should create your very own cannabis diary. Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to stay at home; this means we have so much time on our hands. If you don't know what you are going to do aside from homegrowing your marijuana plant, you can also write about the strains you have been consuming. As you already know, there are hundreds of strains that are available in the market, and many of us didn’t even get to try 50% of it. A cannabis diary can help you to maximize the way you consume your weed. Even if two products are of the same strain, had they been produced from two different cultivators, the cannabis taste, cannabis high and other effects, can vary greatly depending on the methods that the cultivator uses. There are a lot of other questions that a cannabis diary can answer for you. If you are a regular consumer, how many strains in a dispensary have you ever tried and how many have you really appreciated? If you love a certain strain, that may not be available for you anymore when you come back, can you find a similar strain? As you may already be familiar, dispensaries have a limited stock of products, and they don’t always have the same strain and products available every time; so answering questions like these could be helpful, for finding alternatives of your favorite products or figuring out where else can you buy similar ones. Writing a journal or your cannabis diary will be a massive help for you in remembering the exact effects and sensations of specific strains that you have tried or consumed. Also, this will help you to remember what you liked and did not like about a particular strain, as well as the undesired effects you have experienced with that strain. You can also use your cannabis diary to help you keep track of your favorite and preferred strains, the experiences that you have with particular strains as well as record the times of the day when that strain produces the best effects. Most of all, journaling also boosts your confidence by exercising your brain. You get to practice your writing skills, communication skills and your vocabulary. It is not just an activity to pass time, but also an activity that can improve your well-being. So, how can you make your cannabis diary? Well, it’s just simple. The two most important factors you should consider while writing are the cannabis taste and cannabis high. But of course there are a bunch of other aspects to watch for as you move through the pages.

How to Write your Cannabis Diary

When writing, you should have a concept for the content you create. Content refers to the knowledge or information you want to convey with your readers (or in this case just yourself since a diary is usually written for private purposes). You can use your cannabis diary to list down all effects and sensations that you are experiencing from consuming cannabis, including the cannabis taste, cannabis high, cannabis symptoms, or even the side effects associated with a particular strain that you don't like. A cannabis diary can also help you make a better choice when selecting a strain for your particular needs.

Type of Journal

There are many types of journaling. Usually, we write our diaries in a cheap notebook. However, if you want to get serious with your diary, you can look for an appropriate journal at a local bookstore. Most beginners don't know where to start. In that case, you need to find some cannabis journal guides or physical strain journals online that are specifically for cannabis taste and cannabis high. In short, those references should be suitable for your weed diary. Typically, these guides include a list of CBD and THC levels and tools for forecasting timelines of dose durations. If you want to be a techie, you can go digital with the help of an app. This means less writing due to the intelligent reporting of apps. Apps can also help you identify strains that are best suited for you.

What will you write?

There are many things you can write about cannabis besides the cannabis high, cannabis taste, and cannabis effects. Below are some factors that can help you write your diary:

Starting Mindset

This is the mindset that you must have before consuming any cannabis products. You need to be in a neutral state of mind to judge your strain. Or, perhaps you’ll want to track down how the weed is affecting your post-workout body and brain.

Cannabis Dosage

You can keep track of your marijuana dosage by measuring how much you smoke, the time until you feel the effects, and the time of the day you consume a particular strain. Perhaps you’ll observe spikes over the weekend, or you’ll notice that you need more weed or less weed as you continue to consume every day.

Cannabis Taste

Admit it or not, we fall in love with our favorite strains due to their liking and smell. We are also well aware of the distinct taste and smell of those nugs we have preference for. So, writing about cannabis taste and smell is really one of the critical parts of your cannabis diary.

Cannabis High

After you have noted tastes and the smells, there comes the high. Some of us love buzzes in our bodies. Some enjoy the mellow or hazy sensation of weed. Others prefer cerebral highs to body highs; and of course, some of us love extreme highs. Writing about these highs can help you to find buds that are best suited for you. Know more about CBD microdosing here.

Cannabis effects

Finally, writing on the cannabis effects is critical, especially if you are consuming cannabis products for therapeutic and medicinal reasons. Some strains can treat specific symptoms, and if your favorite strain is not available in the dispensaries, you can have alternative strains with the same effects on you. Your cannabis diary can easily help you find the suitable alternatives had you noted them with your writing.

When to Write On Your Diary

What is the real purpose of writing a diary? Of course, it is to consistently write about events everyday. Your cannabis diary records your cannabis experience. You can set a certain time when you will write on your cannabis diary. Some of us prefer writing in our diaries in the morning after we wake up; while some of us prefer to write in our cannabis diaries before going to bed. Either way, it is up to you to decide when you are willing to log in entries into your journal. Bottom line, keeping a cannabis diary can significantly help you in choosing the right cannabis strain for your medical or recreational needs. You can note down the strains that you like and the ones that you don’t. This kind of activity also enables you to be a more responsible and dependable person. It helps you to polish your writing and communication skills, as well as your vocabulary. Whatever the case, what you write in your diary is your own observation, and there are really no negative effects from it. Enjoy your cannabis high, cannabis taste, and cannabis experience as you write about it!

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