All I Want for Christmas Is Weed!

Stephen Andrews
02 Dec 2021

According to a new poll, nine out of ten consumers in states with legal cannabis markets say they plan to spend holiday festivities with weed. Consumers are more than likely to purchase cannabis products as gifts, too. The poll, carried out by the cannabis company Jushi Holdings Inc., encompassed 1000 individuals who regularly buy weed from shops and delivery services. Besides shopping plans this Christmas season, the poll also reveals that cannabis edibles are the most popular product among consumers. THC potency, as well as price, were selected as the two top factors in choosing which pot product to buy.

Some 25% of poll respondents said they usually spend between $50 and $100 a month on weed product purchases; 26.5% said they spend $100 to $150, and almost 40% said their monthly expenditure on cannabis goes $150 and above. Asked whether they intend to use cannabis as part of their holiday celebrations, 91% of respondents gave a positive answer. 

"Our insights clearly show that a high percentage of cannabis consumers in adult-use states plan to consume cannabis during their holiday celebrations this year," Jushi Holdings Inc. CEO and founder Jim Cacioppo told Forbes in an email. 

"We're also using the poll's results to gain valuable insight into the purchasing behaviors of adult-use cannabis consumers, including what drives their motivation when shopping during the holiday season and year-round," Cacioppo said.

The poll indicates that 75% of users plan to purchase cannabis goodies as gifts during the holiday season. Over 88% also said they would be more likely to buy cannabis-related gifts if the plant is made legal all across the U.S., a clear message that cannabis gifts will grow in popularity as legalization continues to expand. 

Cacioppo said that tracking the shopping behavior habits of cannabis users is vital as the number of consumers increases. He added that Jushi would collect more data, such as its holiday cannabis survey, and make all market findings public.  

"Harnessing the power of research, data, technologies and processes is like popping the hood on the industry and understanding how it fundamentally works, so that operators can best service their markets," said Cacioppo, according to Forbes. 

"Our cannabis consumer insights holiday poll aims to do just that, by revealing how today's cannabis consumers' preferences and behaviors are shifting," he said. 

christmas cannabis gifts.

What other shopping habits do cannabis consumers have?

The same poll from Jushi Holdings also asked correspondents questions on their cannabis shopping in general. Over half of the surveyed participants, or 56.6%, said they preferred shopping in person at a dispensary. Less than 24% said they favored online shopping and picking up their order at the dispensary or curbside. Slightly less than 20% said they preferred to make orders online for home delivery. 

Purchasing marijuana edibles appears to outperform retail of flower and vape products, according to this poll. On a question with multiple answer options, almost 65% of survey participants said their favorite purchase was edibles, followed by flower (nearly 52%), vapes (46%), and pre-rolls (44.5%). 

More than a third of users said that buying from a trusted brand mattered to them; however, 50% of respondents said the most important thing when choosing a particular product was its THC potency as well as the price. As many as 32.4% reported that the strain of marijuana figured as an important factor in their purchases. 

Stephen Andrews