Afroman Unpleasant Encounter with Police

Stephen Andrews
05 Sep 2022

Local law enforcement forcibly entered the singer's residence in Ohio only to find a vape pen, a few roaches, and a small stash of CBD. At the time of the raid, Afroman reportedly was in Chicago. The rapper was informed of what had happened at his home by neighbors.

Afroman is a household name in the world of cannabis. The first song he released was called "Sell Your Dope" in 1999. And his most famous track ever is "Because I Got High," an ultimate pothead anthem. In the UK, this was the most downloaded ringtone on British mobile phones in 2002. Before there were smart phones. 

The legendary rapper, born Joseph Edgar Foreman, has said over interviews that he wrote that song as a joke for his friends. The song depicts his experiences with marijuana and all the things he failed to do because he was high. A familiar story for a lot of pot smokers after indulging too much. "Some chronic weed inspired it. It took me two minutes and eleven seconds to write it," he told Rolling Stone

These days Afroman is in the news not because of his music, but because of an unpalatable situation he had with the police. His home was reportedly raided on August 21 by the Adams County Sheriff's Office, the rapper shared on social media. 

"While I'm out here working and paying taxes, the Adams county sheriff's department is at my house, kicking my door and stealing my money," he blasted the police on social media. 

Afroman Wasn't Home When the Raid Happened

During the raid, the police allegedly looked for drugs, but nothing significant came up from the search. The rapper shared a couple of videos from his security camera showing law enforcement searching various parts of his property. The videos went viral on the internet. 

"This is supposed to be a drug and narcotic warrant I had to pay technical people top dollar to install my camera system there's no drugs or guns in my computer screen. These are burglars hoodlums breaking into the houses of law-abiding taxpaying citizens destroying property,"  the rapper wrote on Instagram

"They took, like, some roaches, and a vape pen, and a jar of CBD. I think they thought I had like hundreds of thousands of pounds or something like that," he said. "They didn't have to run up my driveway with AR-15s and all kind of assault weapons. I would have gladly just given that to them," he added. 

Afroman also claimed that he has footage where cops can be seen taking cash out of the pockets of his clothing. He also insisted that he did not know why law enforcement went into his property like that. 

On Sep. 1, a local news channel reporting on the incident said that the search warrant listed "possession of drugs, drug trafficking, and kidnapping." The rapper is allegedly required to show up for a statement. 

Ohio legalized medical cannabis in 2016, but recreational use remains illegal. Despite that, it's one of the fastest growing weed markets in the nation. A vote on whether or not to legalize adult use of marijuana in Ohio is supposed to take place in 2023. 

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Stephen Andrews