6 Tips How to Deal with Munchies

Stephen Andrews
09 Nov 2021

Okay, I know, that mouth-melting cheese is looking irresistible. A jar of crunchy pickles is waving hello from the bottom of your fridge. And those olives have never looked more oily, attractive. You are just one celestial thought away from phone calling pizza delivery. Although you already wish they brought you tacos.

Munchies from smoking weed can sometimes be demanding, but it doesn't have to be this way. There are things, steps, strategies—call them what you want, that you can take to prevent yourself from indulging in too many different foods or overeating every time after you smoke. Thank yourself later.

Below is a flight into six tips you can take to stop munchies controlling your high.

1. Plan your food. 

Would it comfort you if you knew you would be well fed and nourished before you toke and skip an ordeal to your stomach because your bowels are not exactly grateful when you mix sour, sweet, salty and greasy in the same 30 minutes? Munchies often look chaotic by the choice of edible items you put on the dinner table.

What you can do is try and plan all the food you will eat during the day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. Basically, regulating your diet in order not to feel extra hungry once you decide to couchlock.

Shopping for groceries relates to how you plan your food. In case you also want to cut down some weight, there are specific diets you should adopt. Not an expert nutritionist here, but even I know this:

Do not buy: 

  • a ton of potato chips
  • canned products like canned tuna. Perhaps pineapple is better.
  • sugary drinks
  • sugary products
  • fast food
  • any sauce you can dip in the crispy chips you saved in the basement for when the dark ages come
  • any other edible guilty pleasure you have that I am not informed about to include in this list

This leads me to the next tip.

2. You don't have to shop the entire supermarket

I know it's a time of crisis. There's a pandemic going on. There's inflation. You may have seen viral videos where people flock to supermarkets and fight for an extra can of corn. But the apocalypse is not coming. The world is not going to stop dead. You are free to shop like a normal person and supply a rational quantity of food. Once in the supermarket, you can as well avoid all shelves that contain munchies foodstuff and instead focus on aisles with fresh produce; get some more fruits and vegetables, perhaps seafood or nuts.

Most importantly, don't go hungry OR high shopping for groceries.

3. Eat before you hit

As you upgrade your entire food management and eating habits, probably the most important thing you can do is chew something right before you grind. Even if you don't feel hungry at the moment, having some salad or other light snacks should significantly reduce the chances of opening that bottomless black hole in your stomach. 

grilled cheeseburger.
I am sorry if this grilled cheeseburger is having the opposite effect. I do feel a little bit hungry as I write this.

4. Water and healthy snacks afterward

Sometimes nothing will stop the crevice that conquers your tummy. But instead of reaching out for another bar of Belgian white chocolate, it's better to drink a glass of water and chop some pears and apples. Water is anyways important to consume as most types of cannabis dry the moisture in your oral cavity, causing cottonmouth. Fruits or nuts like almonds on the other hand are rich in antioxidants; so if you don't pick the habit of drinking enough water, the least you can do is chomp something invigorating.

5. Do some sports

Physical activity can certainly help you establish healthy lifestyle routines. Even if you take half an hour a day running or cycling or just spending time in nature feeding random animals that do not involve your chubby cat named Paul and your goldfish called Susan—the personal transformation from sports and recreation can be amazing.

6. Change the strain

Nothing's really working? There's one option left. Change the strain. Some marijuana strains are just designed to make you feel like someone just made a puncture in your belly, which you constantly have to fuel with proteins and lipids. But this is not necessarily the effect of every strain. If you notice that your weed is causing you munchies every single time, just look for something that better fits your preferences of how you want to spend time high. 

Stephen Andrews