5 Positive effects of Green Malay Kratom that you didn't know existed

Alexandra Doherty
24 Sep 2021

Kratom has many different strains, and true kratom lovers know it by heart. The properties and potency of a particular Kratom strain depend upon various factors such as climate, harvesting technique, and, most importantly, harvesting period. According to the natives and experts of Kratom, the darker the vein, the more potent it will be.

There are three main strains of Kratom depending upon the vein color, viz. Red vein, white vein, and the green vein. There is a native variety of Malaysian Kratom in the green vein kratom known as Green Malay Kratom. The green Malay has a vein color varying between greenish-red and greenish-white, but the leaves are preferably plucked when veins become darker (greenish-red) for higher potency. Leaves of green Malay kratom are rich in alkaloid content. While the general leaf size varies between 1-7 inches, the Suppliers tend to collect leaves with a larger surface area ratio for better alkaloid contents.

The main alkaloid of green Malay is Mitragynine, and it produces an opioid-like effect similar to morphine and codeine. The green Malay kratom can help treat pain and other similar conditions by mimicking the binding pattern of opioids to the pain receptors. The green Malay kratom reportedly has many other benefits, due to which it has gained a considerable market share in the United States. Among many other green malay kratom effects, the most important one is, it doesn't get you caught in routine drug tests. The alkaloids in green Malay Kratom go undetected in a standard drug test shielding you in job screenings. Still, in a more detailed test such as of law enforcement agencies, it will be detected by the presence of metabolites.

Let's see five positive effects of Green Malay Kratom that you didn't know existed.

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1. A perfect combination of Energy and relaxation:

The green Malay Kratom is best known for its energy-boosting effects by the native of Malaysia. It also has analgesic properties with negligible or low side effects. However, it is important to note that while green Malay Kratom has a higher potency, it is still not the most potent Kratom out there. The green Malay produces a mediocre effect, meaning that it neither creates an intense high sensation nor gives a powerful enough relaxation to sedate the user. Many users have reported that green Malay kratom has helped them cruising through their hectic work and social life without any restlessness. So, instead of making regular trips to office coffee machines, you can use a small dose of green Malay kratom that can knock off your office hours with more energy. The green Malay kratom can also help increase your focus without making you lose your mind. It will not hinder your routine; instead, it will increase your productivity and uplift the overall mood.

2. Slow releasing effects:

Because the green Malay kratom's potency lies between red and white vein kratom, it shows a unique property. While other kratom strains release their effect at once in the bloodstream, green Malay doesn't. After taking the Green Malay, it releases its effect smoothly. Many users have reported that in the first hour after taking green Malay, they have experienced high alertness, increased focus, and elevated energy levels, which slowly wear off and give a more relaxed and clear head. This mildness also helps this strain to last longer and thrive in unfavorable conditions.

3. Pain management:

The local population of Indonesia and Malaysia has used Kratom as an analgesic from time immemorial. In the past, there was no scientific evidence suggesting the use of Green Malay kratom as an analgesic, but now we know that Kratom affects the opioid receptors present in the brain. The green Malay kratom can help relieve most types of pains, from simple headaches and body pain to chronic pain of arthritis. Interestingly, green Malay also has a positive effect on inflammation, and it is quite helpful in reducing swelling around the pain-affected area. While opioids and most cannabinoids can quickly intoxicate the users, the green Malay can help fight the withdrawal symptoms of these drugs. However, prolonged use in large doses can also create a tolerance level in the user, creating withdrawal-like complications.

4. Improved concentration:

In addition to a high energy level, the green Malay strain increases concentration and cognitive skills. According to many users, the green Malay strain has helped them focus more on the task at hand than wandering behind the pointless thoughts and distractions. It can also help you with low self-esteem and motivation as the increased focus helps you learn and answer things quickly. So, if you are planning to take an exam or sit an interview, you can try the green Malay kratom 1-2 hours before it. The sustained release will start showing its effect and keep you sharp and focused during the meeting. While traditionally, green Malay kratom is used in powder form or brewed in tea, the high demand in the western market urged producers to make it available in the form of edibles like gummies and capsules.

5. Helpful in reducing Anxiety and depression:

The green Malay kratom can also be helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This strain has an excellent response in increasing focus and cognitive ability, and it also produces a very soothing effect on the brain. The mild euphoric effect helps users maintain a healthy composure in front of an audience.


The green Malay kratom has a recreational value. While at present, there isn't enough scientific data in support of it, with its possible benefits, some users have also reported experiencing nausea, constipation, dizziness, and excessive sweating as potential side effects of green Malay Kratom.

While on the federal level, Kratom is legal, many states are playing it safe, attributing to a lack of scientific research. Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin are all state states where green Malay kratom or any other variant of Kratom is banned or has some regulations. While these state laws are subject to change, avoid traveling to these states with Kratom if you regularly take green Malay kratom. Failing to do so can lead to a jail term with a hefty fine.

Alexandra Doherty