5 Cannabis Strains Trending in 2022

Stephen Andrews
16 Feb 2022

Cannabis info site Leafly recently published its "trending strains for 2022", revealing what we can expect to see everyone talking about. Leafly culled the list based on U.S. search and menu data. They interviewed growers, reviewed lists of cup winners and seed bank newsletters, and personally sampled hundreds of strains. Scroll below and find out more on five strains that made top of the list, to look for or try out yourself in the months ahead.

Rainbow Belts

This year brings around a new generation of Z crosses, including Archive Seeds' Cross of Z and Dosidos (Leafly selected Dosidos as the top strain for 2021). Rainbow Belts promises an incredible, uplifting high, but it's not for those with low tolerance. 

An exotic hybrid, this strain looks and smells fantastic. Archive Seeds describes the odor as "a wonderful Zkittlez-dominant potpourri purple Zkittlez candied lime sugar-coated OG Kush skunk funk." 

Rainbow Belts thrives all around the U.S., and it's readily available to make your life just better!

Hella Jelly

A Sativa that borrows its genetics from Very Cherry and Notorious THC, Hella Jelly is a beautiful-lookin' classic-like Sativa, nevertheless, with the fast-flowering of an Indica. 

A cultivar from Humboldt Seed Co., Hella Jelly is a sweet treat rush of blue cotton candy. Its impressive pedigree, early finish, and powerful terps that would make you think you're in the candy shop are reasons enough why it made it among the 2022 most coveted strains.

Hella Jelly is also Leafly "Harvest Strain of 2021" and a favorite at the California "Grow-Off" contest. For those of you who enjoy classic Durban or Jack or Pineapple Express, Hella Jelly is probably the latest of strains you don't wanna miss. 

Oreoz aka Secret Cookies 

Michigan-based 3rd Coast Genetics gave the world Oreoz: a creamy chocolate sweet explosion, a hybrid match between parent strains Cookies n Cream and Secret Weapon. It's the ultimate refreshment of the classic GSC line. 

Oreoz sports an almost-black leaf that highlights the white THC frosting, thus lives up to its name. The slew of impressive reviews lauding its high levels of THC make this strain worth trying if you like the trend of dessert strains. 


California-based exotic breeder leader Compound Genetics crafted Jokerz by matching parent strains White Runz and Jet Fuel Gelato. Jokerz #31 lured crowds at The Emerald Cup. 

Jokerz is a fruity, spicey, skunky maximum-THC indica-hybrid that goes well for chill movies night and pizza. It's just the medicine you need after a mad day is over. Or, as one reviewer describes the effects from Jokerz, "two hits in [and] I was completely spaced out like I was shot into some kind of psychedelic realm."

Garlic Breath

Hava Gardens Garlic Breath is one more promise for an intense experience with high THC. It will also overwhelm your olfactory system as this shit just stinks! 

Garlic Breath is a savory cross between GMO and Mendo Breath. When consumed regularly, Garlic Breath produces physically relaxing effects that gradually become sedating. The strain is also popular among medical users who opt for this stinky monster to treat insomnia and depression and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Stephen Andrews