5 Cannabis Strains Trending in 2022

Stephen Andrews
16 Feb 2022

Every year, hundreds of new weed strains enter the cannabis market. Sometimes those new strains become instantly popular with consumers, and other times it may take a while before they are highlighted in the community. Here's a quick overview of five of the most popular cannabis strains for 2022, as selected by the cannabis info site Leafly.

Cannabis publisher Leafly has issued its annual selection of trending strains. The selection sheds light on popular cannabis strain choices among consumers, with the list being sourced based on U.S. search and menu data. In creating the list, Leafly's team has also reached out to growers and reviewed cup winners and seed bank newsletters. Some of the weed strains they highlight in the selection look simply irresistible. 

Rainbow Belts

Rainbow Belts is a novel Indica cannabis strain with pre-dominantly calming effect. It's a powerful cross between Moonbow and Zkittlez, and it's recommended for users with higher tolerance on THC. Rainbow Belts is said to contain 20% of THC, and users describe the high to be euphoric and happy. Because of its sedating qualities, it's better to use it in the evening. This exotic hybrid is the brainchild of Archive Seed Bank, the same bank that created the popular Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain

Jelly Rancher

Jelly Rancher is a wonderful new Sativa that borrows its genetics from Very Cherry and Notorious THC. Its flowers look like classic Sativa, however, it has the fast flowering of Indica. Also known as Hella Jelly, this strain is even heavier on THC, showing 27% in lab tests on average. Users of this strain report feelings of happiness, euphoria and improved focus. Its medicinal uses include against pain, anxiety and depression. The Jelly Rancher is a cultivar from Humboldt Seed Co. and it has been highly recommended for everyone who enjoy classic strains such as Durban, Jack or Pineapple Express. 

Oreoz Cookies 

Oreo Cookies or just Oreoz is a powerful hybrid made by matching Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon. So, another name this strain is known is also Secret Cookies. Users can anticipate a prolonged, relaxing kind of high. It's also a high potency type of weed, so it might be too much for those with low tolerance. On average it has 32% of THC. Oreoz has a very specific smell and flavor, in between spicy, chocolate and light citrus notes, with a creamy finish. The strain's medicinal uses include against chronic stress, depression, insomnia, as well as it's a superior appetite stimulant. 


Jokerz is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has White Runz and Jet Fuel Gelato as its parent strains. Its THC potency is in the range between 24% and 27%. It gives users a heady buzz, followed by warmth feeling and giggling, and ultimately in the end it induces sleepiness. Because of the deep sedation it gives, Jokerz is perfect for treating troubled sleep and insomnia. Its medicinal uses also include against stress and anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression and chronic pain. Its flavors and aromas are also rich, a bit like cheese and chocolate but also sour, peppery and spicy. 

Garlic Breath

Last but not least among this year's most popular cannabis strains is Garlic Breath. It's another Indica-dominant hybrid, and it has GMO and Mendo Breath in its genetic makeup. As the name might hint, Garlic Breath has a pungent smell that can be overwhelming; its savory flavor reminds of fresh garlic. Garlic Breath promotes muscles relaxation and sedation, thus it's helpful for a good night's sleep. Recommended also for stress, anxiety and depression. The strain was originally bred by ThugPug genetics. 

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Stephen Andrews