Why CO2 extraction is best.

Liz Filmer
01 Dec 2021

With the constant growth in the cannabis extract market, people are increasingly cautious—one of the most significant considerations being the form of extraction that has been used.

CO2 (Carbon dioxide) extraction is the best way to extract CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. CO2 extraction guarantees you a safe, quality product through a process that kills harmful bacteria whilst ensuring that the highest levels of terpenes and cannabinoids remain present. 

CO2 extraction works by using pressurised CO2 that collects and preserve as many cannabinoids, terpenes and essential waxes as possible.

CO2 acts as a solvent within specific temperature and pressure ranges. CO2 extraction is so efficient and "clean" that it holds the status of 'green solvent'. This means that it is a recyclable and cost-effective option whether used for CBD or THC extraction. It also has the advantage of having none of the dangers associated with more generic, traditionally used solvents.

The use of CO2 provides a cleaner and healthier product. CO2 is essentially a natural by-product produced as part of the breathing process in humans and the transpiration process in plants. This makes it much more of a preferable option than the use of solvents such as butane, which contain harmful chemical residues.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is considered the industry's top standard extraction form, using "supercritical" fluids to separate components. CO2 usually exists in a gaseous format when it is under standard pressure and temperature. Supercritical CO2 is the fluid state when CO2 is exposed to temperatures and stress above its expected range.

During supercritical CO2 extraction, the extractor takes CO2 in its gaseous form. It runs it through a chamber subjected to heightened pressure and a temperature as low as -70F—the CO2 changes into a liquid at this temperature when its unique properties can be exploited.

A supercritical fluid benefits from maintaining the density of a liquid whilst filling space as gas does. The fluid is passed through a chamber full of raw cannabis, dissolving the trichomes membranes and collecting the plant's active compounds.

The most significant benefit of CO2 extraction is its ability to extract dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes, helping to preserve the "entourage effect". The entourage effect is the effect of all cannabis compounds working together instead of in isolation, such as THC or CBD.

"a full-spectrum product" created via CO2 extraction is of excellent quality but does not come cheap. CO2 extraction guarantees that you get a 
"clean" product containing no harmful chemical residues. The extract you are left with following CO2 extraction will, without doubt, have the highest level and array of cannabinoids and terpenes as possible, encouraging the full exploitation of the "entourage effect". Ultimately, when purchasing any cannabis extract product, choosing one produced via CO2 extraction is the best way to know that you are getting a quality product. 

Liz Filmer