What to Expect as a First-time Weed Smoker? Might be an Epiphany

22 Dec 2020
With cannabis assuredly entering the mainstream, a growing number of individuals 'flirt' with the idea of smoking pot. But as smoking weed is growing in popularity, so are the hyped misleading stories regarding the first time experience.  Asking yourself what experiences to expect as a first-time weed smoker? Some would say you'll feel nothing; others will tell you might get sick, have a hallucination or 'bad trip.' And they would be right and wrong. The basic truth here is that these stories are merely reflections of someone else's experience, which is mostly subjective. Everyone is different so that everyone will react to smoking weed differently. However, if we are going to generalize the first time experience of smoking weed, here are a couple of scenarios that could take place.

1. When the 'good high' hits you

If you are fortunate enough, you can get a good high on your first try. However, it's crucial that you smoke the 'right' strain for getting a good high, as well as that the setting you are in is important. Given that it's your first time smoking pot, your tolerance level is fairly low, therefore if the weed is good enough, you might experience the much-loved sensations of being 'high.' Such as an overwhelmingly euphoric, uplifting feeling and unbeatable urge to laugh even at the average jokes. In a way, you get sort of a 'superpowers' as your perception of the world changes. Music is different. Food tastes better, and so on. Your whole sensation of the world is amplified. This is why people return to smoking weed. They want more of the 'good' feeling. what to expect as a first-time weed smoker

2. When the 'bad high' hits you

Yes, you can also have a bad first trip. Even veteran stoners have experienced the bad at least once, 'someone's following us' kind of high. Again, depending on the strain of the weed and your tolerance level, your first experience with pot can be marred by not so pleasant sensations such as marijuana paranoia, sadness, discomfort, overwhelming sensations, overthinking and confusion. If this happens to you, it's crucial to be self-aware—to know that you are high and that the sensation will pass—as bad highs often happen when you don't know how to control the overwhelming new feeling. You can also 'hack' your bad trip and try out something that might shift the bad high into good high. For example, if you are in a crowded place, go outside to get some fresh air. If there's music in the room and it's bothering you, change the music. If you are in the company of people you don't want to be in when you are high, leave the party. It also helps if you hydrate as much as possible and stay away from alcohol. Find a thing that seems relaxing or neutral at the moment and focus on that.

3. When you don't get high at all

Some first-time weed smokers might have a disappointing experience as they will feel nothing has happened. This can be a letdown, and there's still not a concrete reason why this is the case for many first time smokers. However, there are several theories among habitual smokers why this might be the case. As a newbie, you might not know how to inhale the smoke into the lungs correctly. It could also be just having too high of expectations, in the sense that when you are experiencing something for the first time, you build up the experience in your head. When it actually happens, it's not that you are not getting 'high,' but it's worlds apart from what you have projected in your mind. So, you may need several rounds of smoking before you calibrate and get a genuine experience from smoking weed. weed smoking, novice smoker

4. When you get the munchies

This is a common phenomenon that happens to experienced stoners, and it's known as getting the munchies, or your stomach turns into a bottomless pit. You are ready to devour the entire taco bell menu. There is a lot of debate among cannabis experts on what causes the munchies and how to control them. If you are the one who wants to stay away from junk food, you might want to bring healthy snacks to your first time smoking pot adventure. Better yet, if you want to experience the magic of getting the munchies immediately, just let yourself go and eat whatever is on the table, sour and sweet, sweet and salty. You'll be surprised by the explosion of tastes you get in your mouth. Just don't let this become your habit.

5. You'll get a different perspective of time

How the time flies, has real meaning when you are stoned. Every habitual pothead has experienced Einstein's theory of relativity—when six hours feel like 6 seconds, or better yet, you thought that several hours had gone by, but it's still early, and you actually have more time of the evening to party or perhaps roll another one. Getting stoned gives you a different perspective on time. So, if you have places to be and things to do, after getting high, plan and set a reminder, just in case. smoking weed, novice smoker

6. When you would overthink things

It's a common phenomenon with new smokers: you may think that the entire world knows you are high and you may overthink this. You may think that others will recognise you because your voice feels different or because your eyes are slightly red. Basically, you assume that people judge you on your appearance. This is a normal thing to experience when you smoke the first time and generally when you are still a relatively new smoker. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, it's best to smoke in private or in a circle of friends where you feel safe and secure. Avoid getting into large crowds or at least start mixing with people when the high sensation slightly wears off so that you are not super sensitive about what other people may think of you. Btw, that is just one of the many things that you might find yourself obsessing about when you are high. You may also overthink about a message a friend sent you on WhatsApp or totally hate yourself for that phone call you made under the influence.  When you become an experienced smoker, you will be able to diminish your overthinking brain quickly, and generally, manage yourself under the influence.

7. You might feel more open

When you experience a good high, you may feel that you are more open to the world, and this is the mindset where you are keen to bond and talk with people. It may happen on your first time and it may well continue ever after. So, you may appreciate it when you find yourself in the middle of a secret sharing season with people you just met. what to expect as a first-time weed smoker

8. There comes the epiphany.

Our perception of time or sensory experiencing the world changes when we get high and so does our view of life. There's something profound even in the most mundane of things. You may have an epiphany on just about anything. How beautiful the hair of your friend is. How lovely of a person they are. How precious is life, and how young you feel? Words of wisdom and glorifying things—that's all to be expected. When you embrace these realizations with your pot-smoking pals, you'll either enter a deep philosophy conversation or end up laughing out loud like a lot. Bottom line, everything's a possibility. You can expect many different sensations as a first-time smoker—make the most out of it by surrounding yourself with cool people just like yourself, staying in a relaxing and soothing ambience and just go with the flow.