Tips For Rolling Better Joints

Liz Filmer
29 Jan 2024

When it comes to joint rolling, there are a few things you can do to guarantee the optimal joint rolling strategy. Here are some tips for rolling better joints.

Stay Organized

You might want to consider acquiring a tray with several compartments, so everything remains within your reach while rolling. If some ground flowers slip out, no worries, as the tray will save them so you have more for later.

A tray with compartments will help keep your papers flat. You may also want to keep a dedicated glass or acrylic jar to hand for your flower. Having a reliable tray to roll on, with storage, will help you improve your joints by having everything prepared and systematised. 

Rolling Papers

The paper you choose is important. There are many rolling papers available on the market. You will find that higher quality or eco papers will have fewer contaminants.

Thin papers that burn evenly and slowly are the best choice. Some people select hemp rolling papers on the basis that they don’t burn between joint puffs.

A rolling paper protector is also a good buy as it stops your papers from bending, creasing or tearing, which makes them easier to use.

Grind It Well

grinders save you time in the rolling process and also act as a safe container for your weed if you’re on the move with it.

It makes it more straightforward to grind the Flower evenly. Fine-grinding ensures a smoother smoke and means you do not have to use as much in each joint, saving you money along the way


When rolling, don't place all your ground flowers in the centre of the paper as too much placed here can result in it rolling unevenly.

Instead, spread it out to both sides and as you roll, it’ll even out.

Always give one last feel for seeds, and stems and remove any that you find. It can be fiddly but it creates a more pleasing smoking experience in the long run.

The Roach

A roach (crutch or tip) is a piece of tightly rolled cardboard that you place at the end of the joint to prevent it from closing.

The roach also assists in directing the flow of smoke and prevents your weed from ending up in your mouth. It also prevents you from burning your lips and fingers so always take time crafting your roach for a more comfortable enjoyable smoke.

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