Steamy Bedroom with Cannabis: What Are the Best Strains for Having Sex?

05 Oct 2020

Are you looking for something to spice up your sex life? For many people, cannabis is the go-to solution when they want some enhancement in the bedroom, whether with a partner or solo. For others, it’s the missing ingredient that could change their sex life forever.

Users have billed cannabis as a superior aphrodisiac. People praise weed for the enhanced sexual pleasure it gives. However, you may also hear talks that cannabis is associated with things like reduced sperm count or premature ejaculation. So, obviously, cannabis and sex―it’s a complicated relationship.  While we still need more scientific research to find out how marijuana boosts the pleasure of sex, it appears that THC holds a key role.  According to some research, almost 70% of people in one study said sex was more satisfying under the influence of cannabis. Another study suggests that both men and women who used marijuana on a daily level had about 20% more sex within the last month than study participants who reported that they were taking none.

The Science Behind Cannabis Effects on the Libido

Answering how cannabis boosts sex drive, one key role has been linked to THC, the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Scientifically known as the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoid, THC appears to target a part of the brain associated with sexual arousal.  THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body that regulates sensations such as relaxation, pleasure or pain among others. Smoking marijuana activates the endocannabinoid system, enabling the user to feel more pleasure and less pain or anxiety, which in turn leads to increased arousal and more enjoyable sexual intercourse, sex therapists believe.  How you consume cannabis―as well as dosages and strains―also matters. For instance, it seems that lower or moderate doses are more suitable when you want to enhance your sexual drive with cannabis. In contrast, overdoing cannabis may cause the opposite effect.  “People who use marijuana may have more sex because they put less pressure on themselves when they are high, so they don’t have the same performance anxiety as those who are sober,” sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco told CNN.

“A small amount of marijuana may also help increase your ability to communicate your preferences to your partner,” according to Pasciucco. However, for some reason, some people are unlikely to experience effects that will stimulate their libido. Or it just could be that you are taking the wrong strain. It may help to test with small amounts of Indica strains, Sativa strains and hybrids to see reactions, which are different for each person. Also, if you want to use cannabis for sex, it’s best to grind and smoke the nugs. Smoking allows the individual to have better control of their cannabis intake. You can always limit how much weed you put in a joint and inhale in the lungs. With edibles, there’s less control over how much cannabis or THC ends up in the body; it's easier to make a mistake with the dosage, end up overshoot and even unable to perform. 

Steamy Bedroom: How to Use Cannabis for Sex

We could all use an organism that is more intensive, which lasts longer and stuns our body. Smoking weed can give us exactly that. Here is some word of advice to consider if you plan to use marijuana with your spouse or on your next date.


If you are smoking and your partner isn’t.

It’s easy to assume that the partner who doesn’t take weed may resent the smoking habit of the other partner. They might think that by doing weed, you are cheapening the intimate experience of sex. You can directly talk this through with your partner, explaining the benefits you get from taking cannabis. However, if cannabis remains an issue in your relationship, you may as well keep smoking weed your little secret. Or, not make a big deal of it. If you take some before going to bed, don’t mention or discuss this with your partner. Non-smokers do not necessarily recognize when someone is high, even when they are your partner.


Perfect match: if both partners are smoking.

When both partners are fans of recreational marijuana, especially before heading to bed, that could be an easy win-win. You are both able to communicate your preferences and make the most of having sex under the influence. That is when you know your partner, and you know that sexual intercourse with them is almost always fulfilling and enjoyable. With weed, you simply take bedroom fun to a higher level.


When you are single and dating.

You might be looking for a new date on Tinder, Grindr or Scissr and you look forward to having sex while being high with them. That’s okay. However, in this case, you don’t know how things are going to turn out by the end of the evening. You also have no idea if your date approves smoking of weed. If you see that your date is open about smoking weed, roll one with them. Use a moderate amount of weed in order not to lose yourselves entirely. If you see that your new date is skeptical about your proposal to smoke weed, abstain. Alternatively, try to sneak out and smoke secretly.


Be aware of some 'dangers' in all instances.

When you take cannabis to enhance sex, bear in mind that things can always go south. Your entire sensation of the world is amplified when you are high. The sensation of high in your head and body may amplify the experiencing of having great sex, but it may also amplify the experience if you are having bad sex. Therefore, it’s wise to take weed only when you can tell the evening with the partner is going to work out well.

The Best Strains to Boost Your Libido and Enjoy Great Sex

Regardless of what's the mood in the bedroom, some strains are simply there to give the user a mind-blowing experience of sex. Some of the best strains for sex include Sour Diesel and Wedding Cake. Sour Diesel is perfect for having some wild time in the bed. ‘Sour D.’ as it’s also dubbed, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong diesel-like aroma. It's enough potent since it has 22% of THC concentration. Watermelon Wedding Cake is another stimulating strain. Similar to Sour D., it gives high energy and boosts euphoria.  You can definitely experiment with different cannabis strains that generate specific effects to see how they best appeal to your sex life. 

  • If you want to freshen up your sex life. Some strains are best when you want to do things in bed you haven’t tried before. For that, you can pick Sativa-dominant hybrids such as Trainwreck, Blue Dream and Jillybean to give you a boost of confidence and help you go kinky. You can also test with Granddaddy Purple, which is an Indica. 
  • If you want to break anxiety before having sex. Another set of strains can help you resolve anxiety and nervousness. Cannabis is highly praised for its ability to reduce anxiety; however, you have to know the right strains. Try out Indicas such as Kosher Kush or Bubba Kush if you feel anxious before going to bed with your partner. You can also opt for some Skywalker OG Kush, which is an Indica-dominant hybrid. 
  • For when you are going solo. Sometimes you want to make the most of your masturbation time. Masturbation is healthy, fun and can get extremely exciting combined with weed. Amnesia Haze is the ideal Sativa to use for some extended hours of self-pleasure. This strain gradually leads you towards feeling euphoric and boosts the intensity of your orgasm. Another excellent strain to give it a go is Girl Scout Cookies, which has superpowers to ignite your fantasies, so you can just close your eyes, and you know.

Whether you want wild sex or extended hours of slow play and just touching yourself or your partner for the pure fun of it, cannabis may do the trick for you. Experiment with different strains, consume moderately and observe how each stimulates your sexual drive.