Soft Secrets “Perfect Grow” What Makes a Great Seed?

Soft Secrets
26 Jan 2023

In this, the third video in the Soft Secrets “Perfect Grow” series Pro-grower Drew Anger and all-around canna expert Max from RQS tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best cannabis seeds


Drew was after a specific seed for the Soft Secrets “Perfect Grow” experiment. What he wanted from his seed was a high level of THC, a gassy signature scent and some excellent tight bag appeal.

The strain selected by Max was “Wedding Gelato”, and here is why. Wedding Gelato is a robust hybrid that makes for a beautiful, vigorous plant covered in frosty trichomes. What more could you want?

The RQS website is an excellent source for any questions about cannabis. It is packed with blogs and valuable information about everything, from what seeds to choose to broader topics from cannabis culture, such as how to make edibles and what medical conditions cannabis may be helpful for.

So back to the seeds themselves. Why is it best to grow from seed instead of a cutting? One answer is that it is the most natural way for cannabis (and any plant, for that matter) to grow and develop.

With cannabis plants, there are male and female plants. The females create the bud we smoke, and the male’s primary purpose is to try and fertilise the female plants and develop seeds. If you are growing, as most of us are for smokeable buds, then we do not want male plants in the tent! Once fertilised and riddled with seeds, your bud is un-smokeable.

However, for breeding cannabis, you need a healthy male and a healthy female plant if you want solid and viable seeds with good genetics. When you cross to different strains when breeding, the seeds will have characteristics of both parents; however, every one will still have unique traits. Just like siblings from the same parents.

After many years of breeding, people began to realise that we could stabilise these genetics so that each seed of each strain has similar genetic traits that can be relied upon. Stabilising genetics essentially turned cannabis plants from relatively low-potency weeds into these robust, heavy-yielding, potent monsters that flourish in grow rooms worldwide.

There are other ways to grow cannabis plants, such as cloning and tissue culture, but the seed is the most natural and straightforward.

In the next video, Drew will show you how to germinate and propagate your seeds into healthy young plants that will grow on to bear you as much delicious frosty bud as you can handle. Also, don‘t forget to subscribe to the Soft Secrets Channel to keep up to date with the latest videos to help you level up your growing game.

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