The Soft Secrets "How to Grow" Project

Soft Secrets
12 Jan 2023

The new Soft Secrets documentary series "How-to-Grow-Project" is about to launch! Learn how to grow the best cannabis in 10 easy steps!


Filmed in Canada and created in partnership with some of the industry's biggest players, Pro-grower Drew Anger shares tips and valuable advice on how to grow high-quality cannabis at home, from seed to weed. 

Drew Anger, a professional grower for five years, is probably known to some through his YouTube channels, GROW LAB and Drew Builds Stuff.

Hailing from a rural area in Ontario, Canada, with cold winters, plenty of space and perfect summer conditions for outdoor growing, Drew has turned his seasonal passion into a full-time career as owner and manager of his micro-growth operation.

 In Canada, obtaining a "micro-cultivation license" allows cultivation on an area of up to 200 m2. Over the next ten weeks, Drew will show you how to grow, cultivate and perfect your cannabis. Perhaps you have thought about increasing your weed but didn't know how. Or maybe you have tried but are having problems; this is the series for you.

Each video will cover the following topics.

1) Setting up the tent

2) flowering

3) Selection of seeds

4) germination

5) mixture

6) Perfect lighting

 7) 2 weeks to harvest 

8) Best possible yield 

9) Harvest time

10) Curing and perfecting

 Through the video series, the plant's development and the various cultivation stages can be followed and understood. Technology and available knowledge have evolved, making growing good weed at home more accessible.

Drew Anger, along with several other friends from the cannabis industry, will share his advice and tips on strain selection and nutrition, as well as plant training techniques such as topping and pruning - for higher yields. The application of harvesting, drying and trimming will also be examined.

 In addition, common problems will be explained so you can avoid them at all costs. Stay tuned to the last episode; there will even be a chance to win a giveaway for one lucky viewer.

The next episode will be an overview of setting up your grow tent and everything you need to get started. Don't forget to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons to avoid missing an episode.

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/1MeBnEUk9M0

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